How to Crush Higher Rated Opponents – GM Ben Finegold Bundle



How To Crush Higher Rated Opponents – Gm Ben Finegold Bundle

How to Beat Higher Rated Opponents – GM Ben Finegold Bundle

How To Crush Higher Rated Opponents – Gm Ben Finegold Bundle

GM Ben Finegold is here to provide you with valuable instruction on how to beat higher rated opponents in tournaments, which will also help you increase your rating substantially.

In the first part of this 18-hour chess video collection, Finegold explains how all his previous experience ultimately helped earn the GM title.

He recalls a particular battle with then-IM Boris Kreiman with an interesting “Berlin Sideline” (that has become Ben’s specialty!) in a critical game in the 2002 World Open. This victory was a key step on his way towards earning his first GM norm.

Then, GM Finegold goes on to talk about high-level opening preparation, sheds light on the psychology of dealing with your opponent’s refutations, and everything else in between! This bundle is a collection of Finegold’s premium videos.

About the Author:

GM Ben Finegold is a popular chess player and coach from the USA. He became a USCF Master at the age of 14, International Master at the age of 20 and Grandmaster at the age of 40 years old.

Finegold has been a live commentator for many important chess events such as the US Chess Championship, U.S. Junior Chess Championship and Sinquefield Cup.

During his career, he has been able to claim victory in many important chess events.

Finegold’s videos are known for being humorous, as he relies on various catchphrases and pop-culture references. Many of his catchphrases are also instructional to aid his students in learning key practices or to assist in noticing or recognizing “suspicious” patterns of play.

How is this course going to help me?

“How to beat higher rated opponents”  is an 18+ hour chess course to help beginner and intermediate chess players understand how they can prepare to play against higher rated chess players, and win.

Here’s just part of what you’ll learn with this bundle:

Playing with Material Imbalances

When asked by a group of top juniors for one of his best games, GM Ben Finegold only had to go back a few weeks in his memory bank to dig out a beautiful win over a promising youngster.

How To Crush Higher Rated Opponents – Gm Ben Finegold Bundle

Reminiscent of the Frankenstein-Dracula Opening, the grandmaster offers his queenside rook, several pawns, and then eventually pitches the queen en route to exposing White’s king!

Watch and see how top players know that dormant rooks lose to active minor pieces every time.

Winning With Opposite Colored Bishops

GM Ben Finegold, with his usual mix of humor and insight, will make seemingly lifeless endgames fun to watch!

In this lesson, he will make so many king moves, you’ll get dizzy. The grandmaster beats a world youth champion despite the position looking defensible.

You’ll also hear his advice on playing against young stars. But the big question is, what obscure 1980s movie reference will he slip into his commentary?

The Easiest Way to Crush the Anti-Sicilians

What do you do when your opponent plays an anti-Sicilian system against your favorite opening? GM Ben Finegold shows you how to crush these openings once and for all.

In this video, GM Ben Finegold shows you the fine points of the Rossolimo variation, the most popular response from players avoiding open Sicilians.

Learn how to pick a “pet line” to get a quick advantage against these anti-Sicilian players!

Absorb the knowledge provided by GM Finegold in this bundle and you’ll be able to outplay many higher rated opponents in tournaments, and you’ll also be able to increase your rating considerably.

Enjoy this course!

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