Attacking with Alireza – IM Lawrence Trent

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GM Alireza Firouzja is the man of the hour, having just defeated Magnus Carlsen in the Banter Blitz Cup Final. The 16-year old phenom excels at attacking chess and IM Lawrence Trent shows us how he does it!

Learn how to attack! If you feel that ain’t gonna happen, at least get a glimpse of what makes Alireza Firouzja such a special talent.



  1. Introduction
    In this video, Lawrence gives a brief overview of what the series is all about and, most importantly, why there is so much hype surrounding this young Iranian Grandmaster.
  2. Alireza vs Nguyen
    In this game, we see how effortless Alireza makes a piece sacrifice and attack look against a strong Vietnamese Grandmaster.
  3. Caruana vs Firouzja
    The greatest attacking players understand when the critical moment is in a game and rarely miss their chance to pounce. In this game, Alireza shows just how talented he is with an incredible sacrificial shot which he correctly assessed as giving him a long-term advantage, which he duly went on to convert.
  4. Duda vs Firouzja
    In this game, Alireza demonstrates another admirable trait of his when attacking – his fearlessness. He doesn’t shy away from positions that require precise calculation or look dangerous; he just plays the principled variation and believes in himself. This time it’s the Polish superstar Duda who is at the end of a crushing Alireza performance.
  5. Nakamura vs Firouzja
    SIn order to be a successful attacking player, one must learn how to be resourceful. In this game, Alireza demonstrates just how cunning a player he is versus one of the world’s best.
  6. Firouzja vs Zarkovic
    My favorite Alireza attacking game. There is something very Fischeresque about how he conducts the attack and annihilates his opponent in this encounter. Simply sit back and enjoy!

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