Attacking Chess – The System with IM Ostrovskiy and IM Shen

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Attacking Chess System with IM Alex Ostrovskiy and IM Arthur Shen

Attacking Chess - The System With Im Ostrovskiy And Im Shen

Attacking chess is something that all players want to perfect. It makes a lot of sense because at the end of the day, delivering checkmate is the ultimate goal of the game.

Surprisingly, not many chess players spend time working on their attacking skills. They work on solving tactics, studying openings and drilling endgames but not on “how to attack your opponent to win games.” It sounds strange, but it is very true for most club players.

This course provides a powerful toolkit on how to conduct strong and vicious attacks against opponents of any level. We are very delighted to finally bring you a universal system of attack that helped IM Alex Ostrovskiy and IM Arthur Shen to beat many strong opponents.

You probably know that maneuvering and positional chess has many rules and principles. There are rules on how to play against an isolated pawn, how to convert advantages, how to play against the king in the center, and the list goes on and on.

Attacking chess has its own rules…

Throughout this course, IM Alex Ostrovskiy and IM Arthur Shen will make you familiar with those rules. You will learn how to follow them, how to determine whether the position calls for an attack and how to conclude an attack in the best possible way. This will make a huge difference in your game.

About the Authors:

IM Alex Ostrovskiy (2535 Elo)

Alex Ostrovskiy is American International Master who has won many chess tournaments in his career, including the New York Championship. Alex has represented the U.S. at World, Pan-American, and North American Championships (Vietnam, Ecuador, Mexico).

IM Ostrovskiy is a regular tournament player and a professional chess coach working with players of all ages and skill levels.

IM Arthur Shen (2477 Elo)

IM Arthur Shen is an American International Master who has also won many national and international tournaments. IM Shen is a creative player that is always looking for new ways to improve his game.

His positive attitude has led to a steady increase in his rating year after year. IM Shen is a renowned opening expert and chess teacher.

How do I benefit from this course?

Simply developing pieces and hoping to achieve a strong attacking position doesn’t work. You need to have a system of thinking that helps you make decisions and allows you to execute powerful attacks.

It is not an accident that IMs and GMs are stronger specifically in the attack compared to lower rated players. That’s because they have a system of how to launch an attack, how to keep it going and how to finish it in style.

This course goes over specifics of this powerful attacking system. You will witness both IM Ostrovskiy and IM Shen employing the system to achieve many devastating victories against players of all levels, including International Masters and Grandmasters.

IM Ostrovskiy and IM Shen teamed up and compiled a “complete blueprint” of the thinking process behind a successful attack. They used a decade of their experience to produce this perfectly structured course, the sole purpose of which is to turn you to into a much better attacking player.

Time to get started!

What will you learn?

  • What are the two most important principles for starting a successful attack?
  • What is the #1 most common mistake that club players make when attacking?
  • How to use “the hooks” to bust your opponent’s king wide open.
  • How to get most out of your pieces and make sure that your attack is running efficiently.
  • How to spot winning tactical combinations when attacking.
  • And much more!

Armed with this powerful attacking system you will be able to win many beautiful games and pick many rating points on your way.

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