Attacking Play Secrets with IM Bence Szabo

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IM Bence Szabo reveals…

IM Szabo has worked with countless club-level players and most of them make the same FATAL mistake time and again…

They confuse the order of attack and advantage. They attack to “gain” an advantage—a big reason why they lose their games (mostly).

You attack to convert your advantage into a mate or a win, and not vice versa.

Get your bishop onto a more active square, get your king castled before your opponent does, and destroy the enemy pawn structure…

The idea is to shift the odds in your favor before you go all in.

IM Bence Szabo’s course Attacking Play Secrets contains a collection of highly instructive nuggets on the art of attack in chess.

From how to pinpoint the weakest areas in the enemy’s position to bringing the “contributor” pieces to their desired position before detonating the blast…

Do you love the games of Paul Morphy? Is Tal your favorite chess player? Do you see chess more as an art than a science?

This training is for you.

About the author:


IM Bence Szabo is a Hungarian International Master and an active tournament player. Bence previously held National and European Youth Champion’s title. IM Szabo has over 10 years of coaching experience with some of his top students becoming National Champions in different age categories and claiming various international norms and titles. Bence works as a head coach in one of the largest chess schools in Hungary. He has worked with multiple medal-winning Olympic Grandmasters and other top talents.

Here’s what you would learn:

  • CheckCheckCheck, check, check…mate! Dominguez knows when to unleash the cannon that starts with a check, a bishop sacrifice, and pulling the king out in the open—learn how a top-level GM attacks to a finish. How would you continue here as White? (Diagram).
  • The entry of death. Often, the fate of a game depends on who finishes first. Let your opponent flop around putting harmless checks or threatening pawn captures. Your job? Make his king surrender first.
  • Headway along the way. Many lower-rated players, when first learning positional play, tend to become too passive. Too much defense is prone to silly blunders. Learn how to avoid it.
  • The must-know attacking motifs. This training dedicates 4 chapters to covering the most important attacking motifs to learn as a chess player. Go through these videos not to be unprepared ever again.
  • It’s in the mind. Attack is about psychology too. It’s about making your opponent feel doubtful, confused and helpless. Look how Tal did it by sacrificing a bishop on the sixth move and still winning the game.

Enjoy the course!

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9 hours 42 minutes

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Chapter List

  • CHAPTER 1 Include Every Piece part I
  • CHAPTER 2 Include Every Piece part II
  • CHAPTER 3 Pick Up the Pace
  • CHAPTER 4 Opening Files
  • CHAPTER 5 The Attack Ratio
  • CHAPTER 6 The Value of Pieces
  • CHAPTER 7 The Weakest Point in Enemy King’s Position
  • CHAPTER 8 Eliminating Defenders Continuation
  • CHAPTER 9 Eliminating Defenders
  • CHAPTER 10 Destroy the Pawn Wall
  • CHAPTER 11 Must-Know Motifs part I
  • CHAPTER 12 Must-Know Motifs part II
  • CHAPTER 13 Must-Know Motifs part III
  • CHAPTER 14 Must-Know Motifs part IV
  • CHAPTER 15 Standard Attacking Plans
  • CHAPTER 16 Attack like Mikhail Tal
  • CHAPTER 17 Unexpected Sacrificing Motifs