Attacking Chess 3 – IM Valeri Lilov

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Attacking Chess is a highly rated series on analyzing plans to initiate attack against strategic positions. Valeri explains both theory and demonstrates in practice. Disk 3 covers Intuitive Sacrifice, Finding the Strike, Particular Circumstance, Dynamics of the Attack and Attack in the Opening.

Content: Over 1.8 hours of instruction and analysis in a series of 5 lectures.

Recommended for: Intermediate – Advanced Players.

Users rated this series: 4.32 out of 5

Chess Fans have said: Wowow!!! Master Lilov. I think this is your best work to date. You define the word professionalism. I think your true calling is to teach. You are truly the BEST!!!

IM Valeri Lilov is a young chess talent from the small European country of Bulgaria. He is based in Varna, Bulgaria and has been working as successful chess coach and lecturer over the Internet for more than seven years. In 2000 in Moscow, Russia, he became the European Individual School Chess Champion U10 with the record result of 6,5 out of 7. In 2005, he made a record in the history of Bulgarian chess by achieving 32 consecutive wins from national championships, which included two magnificent victories in simuls against the top Bulgarian grandmasters, Veselin Topalov and Kiril Georgiev. In 2008, he achieved his highest FIDE rating and in 2013, the title of International master.


Attacking Chess; Intuitive Sacrifice
Miguel A Quinteros vs. Lajos Portisch
Run Time: 00:24:55

Attacking Chess; Finding the Strike
Vladimir Alatortsev vs. Isaac Boleslavsky
Run Time: 00:21:29

Attacking Chess; The Particular Circumstances
Run Time: 00:21:27

Attacking Chess; Dynamics of the Attack
King’s Gambit Accepted: Muzio Gambit, Paulsen Variation
Mikhail Chigorin vs. Samir Davidov
Run Time: 00:23:27

Attacking Chess; Attack in the Opening
French Defense: Burn Variation
Repetto Torre vs. Edwin Ziegler Adams
Run Time: 00:21:58

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