The Art of Attack (Intermediate)

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Polgar Chess University: The Art of Attack – Attack, defense and instructive chess games

In this 14½ hour bundle, GM Susan Polgar, a former chess prodigy and now an elite coach, teaches how to play more sophisticated chess attacks – and how to defend against them. Using the most instructive chess games to illustrate the themes, Susan shows the practical decisions both sides have to make in real games, how mistakes are punished and what can be done differently to save the day.

Aimed at the player who is already familiar with basic attacks and is looking to reach 1800 Elo level, this 35 lesson program will give you new ideas to use in dozens of situations. You will learn the various ways of breaking down the fianchettoed King position, how to use forcing moves to keep your opponent on the back foot as wells as some incredible mating combinations from the legendary World Champion Alexander Alekhine.

As you improve your chess and start playing stronger players, you will have to tighten up your defensive skill too and Susan Polgar provides an array of formations and counter-attacking ideas to help you in your cause. You will also be taught how to accurately judge whether an attack is likely to fail, in which case you can actually invite the attack, accept the sacrificed material and emerge with a winning position! This strategy has won many games for great defenders like Viktor Korchnoi and Tigran Petrosian.

One of the surest ways to become a stronger chess player is to study the games of the best players in history and this bundle contains hours of material on what we can learn from Bobby Fischer, Vassily Smyslov, Alexander Alekhine, Wilhelm Steinitz, Garry Kasparov and the creative Bent Larsen, not to mention Susan Polgar’s own instructive chess games.

If you wish to improve your understanding of how to gain the initiative, start an attack and force your way to victory – and prevent your opponents from doing this to you – then this is the ideal training program.

Lesson Outline:

Lesson 01 – How to trap the King in the center
Lesson 02 – Attacking the King in the Center
Lesson 03 – Attack and Defense (part 1)
Lesson 04 – Defensive skills you must know
Lesson 05 – Winning against unjustfied attacks
Lesson 06 – Spielmann vs Wahle and Saavedra endgame
Lesson 07 – Targeting your opponent’s weak point
Lesson 08 – Fischer vs Robatsch, attacking the fianchettoed position
Lesson 09 – The best way to use your Queen in attack
Lesson 10 – Lessons from Bobby Fischer’s games
Lesson 11 – How to play with opposite side castling
Lesson 12 – Instructive Queen’s Gambit game
Lesson 13 – Winning with forcing moves
Lesson 14 – Learning from Smyslov
Lesson 15 – In-between moves and defense
Lesson 16 – Steinitz vs Mongredien 1862
Lesson 17 – Uhlmann vs Donner 1964, the Carlsbad structure
Lesson 18 – Learning from the romantic era of chess
Lesson 19 – Lessons from Susan Polgar’s games
Lesson 20 – Kasparov – Khalifman, opposite-side castling
Lesson 21 – Attack and Defense (part 2)
Lesson 22 – The art of attack
Lesson 23 – Alexander Alekhine, checkmating tactics
Lesson 24 – Illescas vs Short 1995
Lesson 25 – Instructive Alekhine game
Lesson 26 – Bobby Fischer’s attacking games
Lesson 27 – Learning from Bobby Fischer
Lesson 28 – Classic attacking ideas
Lesson 29 – Attack and counter-attack
Lesson 30 – Opposite side castling
Lesson 31 – Critical positions from the SPICE Invitational
Lesson 32 – Michael Adams vs Magnus Carlsen 2010
Lesson 33 – A tribute to Bent Larsen
Lesson 34 – Bacrot vs Kempinski 2005
Lesson 35 – Susan Polgar game, winning with space advantage

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