The Art of Attack (Beginner)

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Polgar Chess University: The Art of Attack – Attack, Defense and Chess Endgames

It’s clear that attack and defense are critical skills in chess and most people prefer attacking to defending. However, make a mistake in your attack and you may find yourself exposed or even losing material.

In this 14 hour bundle, Grandmaster and elite chess coach Susan Polgar reveals the essential principles to successful attacking chess. You will learn why the King is in danger when left in the center, how to find the most aggressive squares for your pieces and the best way to coordinate them in powerful attacks. The lessons contained in this bundle teach not just how to finish your opponent off but also how to get good positions in the first place.

Equally important is understanding how to defend in chess. Like it or not, at some point you will come under attack and knowing what to do will save you from many painful losses. Susan Polgar demonstrates some key defensive formations and instructs on the approach required to find the best moves. With these lessons you will understand which positions call for passive defense and which require counter-attacking.

Of course, attack and defense are really two sides of the same coin. Great skill in one improves your skill in the other as you are able to find the best responses for your opponent as well as the best moves for yourself.

Susan Polgar also covers the most common endings, chess endgames you must know to win and save many points over the board. The King and pawn endings and King, Rook and pawn endings explained here will not only score you many wins, they will also serve as the foundation for your future chess education.

Lesson Outline:

Lesson 01 – Finding  the opponents threats
Lesson 02 – Intermediate moves
Lesson 03 – How to save the game with stalemate
Lesson 04 – Avoiding stalemate
Lesson 05 – Attack and Defense
Lesson 06 – Attack and Defense (part 2)
Lesson 07 – Attacking with 2 Bishops
Lesson 08 – Attacks from the side
Lesson 09 – Don’t just copy your opponent
Lesson 10 – How to Defend
Lesson 11 – How to Defend (part 2)
Lesson 12 – Defending against threats
Lesson 13 – Sacrifices against the King
Lesson 14 – Attacking the King in the center
Lesson 15 – Dominating the center, game analysis
Lesson 16 – Winning with pins, game analysis
Lesson 17 – Mating the King, Chigorin vs Alapin
Lesson 18 – Winning with a pawn advantage, game analysis
Lesson 19 – Attacking the finachettoed King position, game analysis
Lesson 20 – Attacking the center, game analysis
Lesson 21 – Winning with discovered attacks, game analysis
Lesson 22 – Attacking the King, game analysis
Lesson 23 – Rapid development and attack, game analysis
Lesson 24 – The opposition in pawn endgames
Lesson 25 – Basic pawn endgames
Lesson 26 – Essential pawn endings
Lesson 27 – Winning with pawns in the endgame
Lesson 28 – Passed pawns
Lesson 29 – Pins and passed pawns
Lesson 30 – Interesting ideas in pawn endgames
Lesson 31 – How to win in the endgame
Lesson 32 – Strategy in the endgame
Lesson 33 – Rook endgames
Lesson 34 – Rook vs minor piece in the endgame


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14 hours

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