The Art of Attack (Advanced)

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Polgar Chess University: The Art of Attack – Attack, defense and instructive chess games

When a player reaches a certain strength, the success of an attack begins to rely more on their ability to keep the initiative going (or convert it into another advantage), maintain the tension and pick the most precise moment to strike. Errors in judgement, however small, can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

In this 15 hour bundle, GM Susan Polgar, coach of many very strong GMs including top 10 player Wesley So, teaches the advanced player the subtleties of attacking play using the most instructive games of chess legends such as Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov.

All forms of attack and using the initiative are covered here, from pushing a space advantage until the opponent is squeezed off the board to bloodthirsty sacrifices resulting in checkmate. The most important lessons for the student are how these great players establish good positions, build an advantage and continually force play until they have an opportunity to win the game.

This bundle will teach you dozens of attacking formations to aim for, how to recognize the critical moments in your games and how to make the right decision when the time comes. You will also learn the secrets of advanced defense through the games of Petrosian and Karpov with special focus on the many ways you can use prophylaxis – moves that prevent your opponent’s plans – to your advantage.

Lesson Outline:

Lesson 01 – Winning with the initiative
Lesson 02 – Attack and defense with Steinitz
Lesson 03 – Steinitz – von Bardeleben 1895
Lesson 04 – Petrosian vs Smyslov 1961
Lesson 05 – Botvinnik – Ragozin 1940, the power of passed pawns
Lesson 06 – Benko vs Reshevsky 1968, the blockade
Lesson 07 – Attack and defense (part 1)
Lesson 08 – Pillsbury vs Marco 1900, the Pillsbury attack
Lesson 09 – Bobby Fischer, instructive moments from his games
Lesson 10 – Kasparov vs Chiburdanidze 1980, playing against the Kings Indian Defense
Lesson 11 – Important decisions in attack
Lesson 12 – Fischer vs Cardoso 1957
Lesson 13 – Instructive Susan Polgar game
Lesson 14 – King in the center, Susan Polgar game
Lesson 15 – Attack and defense in classic games
Lesson 16 – Susan Polgar vs Ralf Lau 1991, attacking the King
Lesson 17 – Euwe vs Alekhine 1935
Lesson 18 – Tribute to Vassily Smyslov
Lesson 19 – Spassky vs Petrosian 1966
Lesson 20 – Colle vs Grunfeld 1926
Lesson 21 – Christansen vs Flear 1987
Lesson 22 – Kramnik vs Krasenkow 2003
Lesson 23 – Winawer vs Anderssen 1878
Lesson 24 – Sokolov vs Karpov 1987
Lesson 25 – King in the center, a Susan Polgar game
Lesson 26 – Reshevsky vs Najdorf 1957 – connected passed pawns
Lesson 27 – Attack and defense (part 2)
Lesson 28 – Taimanov vs Kaidanov 1988
Lesson 29 – When to strike in an attack
Lesson 30 – Preventing unsound attacks
Lesson 31 – Instructive moments from student’s games
Lesson 32 – Carlsen vs Bacrot 2010
Lesson 33 – Mieses – Capablanca 1913,  an exchange advantage
Lesson 34 – Judgment in attack hidden resources
Lesson 35 – Ivanchuk vs Kamsky 2006
Lesson 36 – Instructive game – Isolated pawns, prophylaxis and an amazing attack

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