How to Analyze a Chess Position – IM Danny Kopec

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How to Analyze Chess Positions – IM Danny Kopec

How to Analyze Chess Positions – IM Danny Kopec
International Master Dr. Danny Kopec (Professor of Computer Science, Brooklyn College)

In this video, IM Dr. Danny Kopec, internationally recognized chess teacher provides you with tangible techniques and tools which will ensure your success as a player and analyst.

You will learn the presenter’s “Four Golden Rules of Analysis,” and there will follow specific techniques to teach you how to:

  • Evaluate central control
  • Identify your winning margin
  • Identify the most important piece in a position
  • “Transform” your advantages into victory

And much much more.

About the Author:

Danny Kopec was an American chess International Master, author, and computer science professor at Brooklyn College.

Kopec was Greater NY High School Champion at the age of 14 and reached master at the age of 17. Kopec won the Scottish Chess Championship in 1980 while pursuing his doctorate.

He lived in Canada for two years during the 1980s and competed there with success, including second-equal in the 1984 Canadian Chess Championship. Kopec achieved the FIDE International Master title in 1985 and had several top-three finishes (including second place ties) in the US Open.

He wrote numerous books on the subject of chess, produced eight chess instructional DVDs, and ran chess camps starting in 1994. Kopec also worked to promote his chess opening, the Kopec System (1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.Bd3!?).

With Ivan Bratko, he was the creator of the Bratko–Kopec Test, which was one of the de facto standard testing systems for chess-playing computer programs in the 1980s.

How is this course going to help me?

This course will allow you to discover the greatest lessons of a chess coach whose life’s work influenced a whole generation of club players to serious improvement.

If you want to win more games and gain powerful new skills to analyze chess games, you will definitely love this course from this legendary chess coach…

Here are some of the lessons you’ll learn with this course:

  • Improve your calculation and your skills to analyze chess positions by copying the brute force techniques used by computers (Dr. Danny Kopec was a pioneer in computer chess). 
  • Dr. Kopec’s “4 Golden Rules of Analysis” and how to use them to find powerful moves.
  • Specific pattern training exercises that will help you develop 20:20 tactical vision and eliminate blunders and missed combinations.

How to Analyze Chess Positions – IM Danny Kopec

IM Danny Kopec was also Dr. Danny Kopec, a Ph.D. in Machine Intelligence and a pioneer in teaching computers how to play good chess.

He was able to break down the elements of strong chess plays and teach them to both people and machines. His fascination with decoding chess, combined with his magnetic personality and sense of humor, made him one of America’s best-loved coaches

You’re getting 2 hours of IM coaching on the skills that will allow you to improve the way you analyze chess positions and you’ll also win more games.

And you learn how to apply them in real games with IM Kopec’s brilliant feature on the evolution of chess, covering every champion from Morphy to Carlsen!

The physical version of “How to Analyze a Chess Position” is shipped directly from IM Dr. Danny Kopec. The artwork may vary from the artwork displayed

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