Analysis Chess Set & Board Combination



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Analysis Chess Set & Board Combination

Analysis Chess Set Board Combination
Analysis Chess Set and Board Combination

The Chessmen

Our special analysis combo set includes a chessboard with 1.5″ squares and chess pieces with a 2.5″ king height and fits perfectly on a school desk for those rainy days when recess has to be spent inside the classroom!

Analysis Chess Set Board Combination 2
Analysis Chess Set – Chess Pieces

This set can also be used to analyze games during a tournament or to simply have available while watching instructional DVDs so that you can follow along with the moves.

  • Durable plastic Staunton-designed set
  • Staunton-style pieces with 2.5″ king height
  • Fits perfectly on classroom desks
  • Great for game analysis
  • Nice combo set for tournament gifts
Analysis Chess Set Board Combination 3
Analysis Chess Set – Chessboard

The Chessboard

Our Premium Vinyl Analysis Chessboards – 1.5″ Squares are ideal for quick viewing of your game… and best of all they fit on smaller desks at school for those rainy days when the kids can’t go outside for recess!

They are made of quality vinyl and have an algebraic notation on all four sides of the board.

  • Green & Buff only
  • Features rank and file labels on all four sides – ideal for beginners!
  • Manufactured out of high-grade vinyl and will resist dirt, tearing and spills

Additional information


Single Weighted

King Height

2.5" inch / 6.35 cm

King Base Diameter

1.0'' inch / 2.54 cm

Square Size

1.5'' inch / 3.81 cm

Chess Board Footprint

13.75" x 13.75"

Median Set Weight

5 ounces

Total Number of Pieces

32 Chess Pieces