From Amateur to Master (The Lilov Method)

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Master Method Series #19

Take the journey from Amateur to Master with the coach most qualified to guide you. Not only has Valeri made the journey himself, but he has also helped others make it too.

Drawing on his immense coaching experience, IM Lilov has produced an incredibly comprehensive 30-hour training, giving you all the positional understanding, all the tactical intelligence, needed to reach master level.

And Valeri doesn’t just dump the material on you, he explains how to integrate this new knowledge into your play so it becomes second nature.

Let a proven coach train you from amateur level to master with this all-in-one chess mega-course!


  1. Introduction
  2. Punishing poor development
  3. Controlling space in the opening
  4. Early attacks
  5. Key steps to deep structure
  6. The quadrant of attack
  7. Attacking potential
  8. Opening initiative
  9. Positional background
  10. Strategic ingredients
  11. Concrete analysis
  12. How to deal with the initiative
  13. Dynamic plans
  14. Development, pressure and attacking moves
  15. Setting up your structure
  16. Handling complicated positions
  17. The Golden Rule of the endgame
  18. Key problems in the endgame
  19. Advice on calculating
  20. Keys of positional chess, part 1
  21. Keys of positional chess, part 3
  22. Files and pieces for attack
  23. Coordination
  24. Setting up attacks
  25. The concept of space
  26. Transformation
  27. Endgame tips
  28. Bobby Fischer’s attacking secret
  29. How Fischer improves his pieces
  30. Improvement and maneuvering
  31. Complex positions
  32. More complex positions
  33. Creating circumstances
  34. Building structure
  35. Alekhine’s key to attacking
  36. Dynamic positions
  37. Step by step through the middlegame
  38. Build-up and weaknesses
  39. Setting smart traps
  40. Fischer’s approach to attacking
  41. The secret to openings
  42. Learn attacking from Mikhail Tal
  43. Kasparov’s attacking secret
  44. Justified early attacks
  45. Maneuvering
  46. Exploiting weaknesses
  47. The importance of preparation
  48. Get better at blitz
  49. The techniques of blitz chess
  50. How to attack like Tal
  51. How to attack like Kasparov
  52. Paul Morphy’s approach to tactics
  53. Exploiting opening mistakes
  54. The power of gambits
  55. The concept of piece activity
  56. The concept of expansion
  57. Exploiting bad openings
  58. Capablanca’s planning
  59. Steinitz’ concept of structure
  60. Bobby Fischer’s build-up play
  61. Reduce your opponent
  62. Coordination and piece activity
  63. Coordination and piece activity 2
  64. Opening weaknesses
  65. Tal’s strategic secrets
  66. Tal’s strategic secrets 2
  67. Key points for attacking
  68. Magnus Carlsen’s secret of chess
  69. The power of preparation
  70. Live blitz – The Concept of Space
  71. Converting an advantage
  72. Opening the position
  73. Growing your initiative
  74. Domination through attack
  75. The key elements of successful attacks
  76. The build-up strategy
  77. The impact of weaknesses
  78. Creating possibilities
  79. Relative value of the pieces
  80. Active vs. passive pieces
  81. An opening secret
  82. Playing complex positions
  83. Concrete circumstances
  84. Piece activity matters
  85. Live blitz – Structure and coordination
  86. Live blitz – Handling complications
  87. Live blitz – The opening advantage
  88. Live blitz – Targeting weaknesses
  89. Live blitz – Positional dynamics

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 7 × 2 in
Running Time

30 hours



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1 review for From Amateur to Master (The Lilov Method)

  1. Derek

    This course is very good value for 30 hours of coaching by Valeri. He is a really good teacher, easy to follow and he goes into enough detail to explain the concepts he is talking about. This course is aimed at intermediate players wanting to take their skills to an advanced level.

    In his Master Method course he covers a huge number of topics. For example, in the ones on the opening he looks at issues such as opening initiative, punishing poor development, exploiting opening mistakes, opening weaknesses, the ideas behind the opening, what position the players are trying to achieve by playing it e.g. centre control, gaining space, quick development etc. He then gives his thoughts on a few openings that he recommends and why.

    With 30 hours of training there is a wide range of other topics that are covered including attacking, coordination, space, piece activity, weaknesses and many more.

    I would say that this course covers many of the fundamentals of chess thinking that combine in effective decision-making, and I have been able to improve my game by applying the teaching that Valeri gives. I have many of his training videos and he never fails to deliver.

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