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Kevin from TheChessWebsiteThis 10 disc DVD set was designed to teach the game of chess; everything from basics to advanced strategy and tactics.

All Things Chess – DVD Set Includes:

  • Analysis of Basics, Openings, Middle Game, End Game, Famous Games
  • ~20 hours of chess instruction available here only
  • Exclusive In depth videos

If you are new to chess or an experienced player looking to improve or fall in love with the game again, this DVD set is for you.

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Chess DVD 1: The Basics

* Pawns
* Kings
* Knights
* Rooks
* Bishops
* Queens
* Opening Theory

Chess DVD 2: Chess Openings #1

* Albin Counter-Gambit
* Alekhine Defense
* Benko Gambit
* Benoni Defense
* Bird’s Opening
* Blackmar-Diemer Gambit
* Budapest Gambit
* Caro-Kann
* Danish Gambit
* Dutch Defense
* English Defense
* Evans Gambit

Chess DVD 3: Chess Openings #2

* Falkbeer Counter-Gambit
* French Defense
* Fried Liver Attack
* Giuoco Piano
* Grunfeld Defense
* Halloween Gambit
* King’s Gambit
* King’s Indian Defense
* Latvian Gambit
* London System

Chess DVD 4: Chess Openings #3

* Nimzo-Indian Defense
* Petrov Defense
* Pirc Defense
* Queen’s Gambit
* Queen’s Indian Defense
* Ruy Lopez
* Scandinavian Defense
* Scotch Game
* Sicilian Defense
* Slav Defense
* Smith-Morra Gambit
* Traxler Counter Attack

Chess DVD 5: Chess Middlegame #1

* Attacking f7
* X-Ray Attacks
* Open vs Closed
* Bishop Sacrifice
* Windmill
* Decoy Tactics
* Mating Patterns
* Trading Pieces
* Triangulation
* Deflection
* Pinning the Knight
* Skewer and Pin

Chess DVD 6: Chess Middlegame #2

* Beginning to End
* Piece Development
* Limit Opposing Power
* Piece Outposts
* Undefended Pieces
* Pawn Structures
* Things to Consider

Chess DVD 7: Chess Traps #1

* The Marshall Trap
* Kieninger’s Trap
* Legal’s Trap
* The Siberian Trap
* Lasker’s Trap
* The Elephant Trap
* The Fishing Pole
* Bird’s Eye View

Chess DVD 8: Chess Traps #2

* The Blackburne-Schilling Trap
* Mortimer’s Trap
* The Halosar Trap
* Magnus Smith’s Trap
* The Queen Amidala Trap
* Bobby Fischer’s Trap

Chess DVD 9: Chess Endgames

* Bishop and Knight
* King and Pawn
* King and Queen
* King and Rook
* Rook vs Knight
* Two Bishops
* Minor Pieces
* Triangulation
* Playing for a Draw
* Lucena’s Position
* Philidor’s Position

Chess DVD 10: Famous Chess Games

* Anderssen vs Kieseritzky
* Lasker vs Capablanca
* Fischer vs Byrne
* Kasparov vs Karpov
* Fischer vs Panno

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Running time:

20 hours


Kevin from TheChessWebsite



Recommended for:

Beginners and people who want to add a reference to all the major traps and openings to their chess dvd and chess video collection.


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2 reviews for All Things Chess – Kevin Butler

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gerald Newman, Esq.

    “I have been a casual chess player for 30 years and always wanting to improve my game. I tried everything including IM tutors and dozens of books, tapes, videos, and online courses. After working at this for years I can tell you nothing else compares to the outstanding education and training offered on the dvds offered by TheChessWebsite. I give them my 100% unqualified recommendation as the best chess training I have found in 30 years.”

    Gerald Newman, Esq.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Craig Monroe

    “After learning from The Chess Website for the past 2 years I decided to buy the dvds and can honestly say they are incredible. I now have a much better understanding of what I should be looking for and thinking about during a chess game. I have increased my rating 200 points and just wanted to say thanks.”

    Craig Monroe, California.

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