Alekhine Defense – The Dark Knight Rises – NM Bryan Tillis

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Alekhine Defense - The Dark Knight Rises - Nm Bryan Tillis

From the guys your mom warned you about, we have the nastiest of the nasty lines in this thoroughly nasty opening.

Alekhine Defense - The Dark Knight Rises - Nm Bryan TillisNM Bryan Tillis in collaboration with the legendary GM Roman Dzindzichashvili show you how to draw White waaay off the beaten path and into the murky waters of the Alekhine.

From there you can snap, snap, snap away at him before unleashing the beast like a coiled spring.

Yes this the opening where you can make things hap’n cap’n!

NM Tillis’s course has been years in the making and taken countless hours to put together. It is on his passion: the dynamic and dangerous Dark Knight 1…Nf6.

I really feel this is one of my best works, it’s going to change theory and it’s going to get people excited about playing against e4.
– NM Bryan Tillis

NM Tillis, the author of Master the French Defense, brings his unique, energetic style to this thoroughly researched repertoire that covers every little sideline you could possibly need to know.

Alekhine Defense – The Dark Knight Rises teaches you to:

💥 Hammer the sidelines
💥 Zero in on the most dynamic positions, and
💥 Whets your appetite with example games

As NM Tillis says, with the Alekhine you get all the breaks and all the fun.

So dive right into the dirty-dirty of the Alekhine with NM Tillis.

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