Achieving your Chess Potential (The Naroditsky Method 2)

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Master Method Series #17


GM Daniel Naroditsky draws on his experience as both a prodigy and a coach to identify and cure the 15 biggest weaknesses that hold chess players back – many of which you may have never realized were serious problems before.

So many ambitious chess players never achieve anywhere near their potential, held back by some unseen force despite their hard work and dedication.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

By understanding why one mistake follows another, why we suddenly miss an obvious move and how we somehow get out pieces tangled up, we become aware of the potential for these mistakes before making them, enabling us to play better chess.

If you have hit a plateau in your chess results, it’s time to cure some of those deep-rooted problems and set your real ability free with the chess lessons of GM Daniel Naroditsky.


1-What makes chess improvement so hard?
3-Memorization and understanding
4-Smoke and fire
5-Not quite my tempo
6-Calculation breakdown
7-Time pressure
8-Piece placement paradox
9-Pawn structure
10-Training intuition
11-Tactical ignorance
12-Tenacious defense

iChess Blitz Battle of the Bay Area Beasts!

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