A Chess Clinic

Production House
Andrew Martin
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The most common problem for beginner and intermediate chess players is the inability to achieve meaningful improvement. Sure, most amateur players can dedicate a few hours a week to studying their favorite openings or watching live broadcasts of current super-tournaments. Now that is fantastic that you want to invest time in getting better at chess – however just memorizing opening variations 20 moves deep or know what today’s top players like to play is not really going to help you improve. And that is exactly why IM Andrew Martin produced the 3 hour chess DVD ¨A Chess Clinic¨ – to help beginner and intermediate players actually get better at chess! This chess DVD is unlike any you have ever watched before because IM Andrew Martin has specifically designed the entire course and all of the material for targeted improvement of beginner and intermediate players.

¨A Chess Clinic¨ focuses primarily on the following topics:

  • A Sense of Danger
  • Thinking
  • Complications
  • Winning is an Art
  • Planning and Drift
  • Strong vs. Weak
  • Inspiration
  • The Prie
  • Guess
  • New Ideas
  • Later Moves

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3 hours 48 minutes


Standard H.264, .mp4, compatible with all Apple and PC devices.



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Production House