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Every Russian Schoolboy Knows – The Best Of Yermolinsky

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Every Russian Schoolboy Knows - The Best of Yermolinsky

THE BEST OF YERMOLINSKY: EVERY RUSSIAN SCHOOL BOY KNOWS Since 2011, I have been holding the ERSBK show on the Internet Chess Club, offering game analysis “Russian style”, providing valuable insight into many aspects of the game, with several miniseries on openings, middle game play, and plenty of endings, which is at the heart of this series. In this package, what you’ll find is a compilation of my best material. I hand-picked the most valuable and instructional videos produced over the years (2011 to 2015). You’ll be able to watch me unravel the many endings that players must know: Rook endings (5 videos), Opposite color bishop endings (4 videos), Same… Read more ...
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