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The Polgar Chess University Mega Bundle

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The Polgar Chess University Mega Bundle

This is a massive program with over 300 individual lessons, all presented by me, designed to effectively train any chess players from 1200 to 2000 level. In Polgar Chess University I share all of my knowledge of the most important skills in chess: attack, defense, tactics, endgames, positional play and strategy. I’m very proud of the PCU because I’m convinced that if you study it, you’ll really make measurable progress - and in a relatively short time too. And today I’d like you to have the entire pack for a 70% discount. In Polgar Chess University, I’ll help you discover:
  • How to handle the critical moments in your games with complete accuracy (and you’ll see how even my old friend Bobby Fischer missed the critical moment in one game against GM Keres)
  • The best methods for keeping the enemy king stranded in the center (a key strategy of the world’s most dangerous attacking players)
  • How to maintain a fine balance between material equality and the initiative (and the techniques GMs use to sacrifice material for the initiative, which gains them time to attack the enemy king)
  • How to master the infamous “Bishop vs Knight” imbalance. I explain this important imbalance in plain language, so that you always know which piece to exchange and which to keep and especially - how to apply the ideas in your own
  • Plus hundreds more essential strategies, tactics and chess techniques.
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