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Intuition Navigates Chaos Megabundle

This series is intended for the player who is serious about breaking through to the next level in their chess, with comprehensive training from the world’s top chess coaches and players. Here’s what is included in this bundle:

Converting Advantages in Chess – IM Kostya Kavutskiy

“The hardest game to win is a won game.” – Emanuel Lasker, 2nd World Chess Champion.

the squeeze converting advantages inc turbo product imageYour position looks SO good. You love it.

Your pieces boldly take center stage, dominating the board while your opponent’s feeble peasants cower on the back rank…

…now all you’ve got to do is convert it.

But it’s not so easy.

Move by move your opponent pushes their pieces forward one square, defends, unravels their position…

…soon your beautiful advantage has gone.

You need a special set of skills to turn these edges into wins…

kostya kavutskiy
IM Kostya Kavutskiy

…skills that American IM Kostya Kavutskiy teaches in his brilliant new INC Turbo course, The Squeeze.

Club Player’s Manifesto 2K – GM Damian Lemos

gm lemos photo 2Are you ready to finally smash that 2000 FIDE barrier?

After “how can I get better at chess”, the next most-heard question is “what do I have to do to hit 2000 FIDE?”

Only 5% of serious (rated) chess players ever reach the 2k level. It’s a major accomplishment, one that places you in the most-respected group of players.

Not everyone has the huge amount of spare time required to hit IM or GM-level, but GM Lemos firmly believes ANY reasonably smart, ambitious person can reach 2000 FIDE… with the right training.

The 12-hour Club Player’s Manifesto 2k is all about developing the skills and understanding needed to find strong moves in any position.

This is what the Intuition Navigates Chaos Mega Bundle has to offer:

Super GM Skill Set – GM Sam Shankland

The Sam Shankland Chess Mastery Collection
Super GM Skill Set – GM Sam Shankland

2700 Club Member Sam Shankland is back! This course isn’t for the faint of heart – GM Shankland believes that active learning is the best way to learn, and the more work you put in, the more you’ll improve.

Sam’s premise is that while knowledge is important and useful, it’s your skills that decide how well you can play the game – a distinction missed by many players.

The Super GM Skill Set helps you develop your skills to an advanced level by testing your decision-making and evaluation ability as though you were playing against a top GM.

“I don’t believe in passive learning… if you pause your video and think about these positions, you’re definitely going to train your ability to make decisions.”

– GM Sam Shankland, The SuperGM Skill Set.

This course is all about improving your actual skill, making you a better player… instead of just being the same player with slightly more knowledge.

gingergm quotes2

Accelerate your Chess

The GingerGM is back!

Following on from his two hugely popular Master Methods, “GingerGM” Simon Williams has produced a 15-hour course designed to take you to the next level in your chess.

Simon has collected the games that led to breakthroughs in his own development, and takes you through each one in such a way that you make the discoveries for yourself – a far more powerful method of teaching/learning than simply giving you the answers.

Each lesson works on at least one of seven areas: Strategy, calculation, prophylaxis, forcing moves, navigating chaos, pattern recognition, and converting advantages – the key skills you need to succeed at the highest levels.

One of the major benefits of this course is that you’re studying games packed with instructive value – it’s a real goldmine of chess secrets. Every lesson brings with it an “aha!” moment… and saves you years of painful trial-and-error going through games that just aren’t that useful.

Presented with Simon’s trademark combination of humor and clear insight, this is the perfect way to accelerate your chess improvement.

INC Turbo – Evaluation & Strategy with GM Damian Lemos

evaluation strategy inc turbo product image

Some months ago, GM Damian launched his Intuition Navigates Chaos course The Club Player’s Manifesto 2k, a chess strategy course designed to help you improve your strategic play.

It was also meant to elevate your chess understanding and thought processes to master level, covering everything from sacrifices and forcing moves to prophylaxis and pattern recognition.

Hopefully you’ve taken that course and are already reaping the benefits… now GM Lemos took things a step further with his new INC – Turbo series.

This is all about turbocharging your improvement with super-rich examples that will light up the shadowy areas of your chess understanding.

It’s high-level stuff but GM Lemos has broken it down so anyone who’s reasonably smart will get it… and we know you’re smart or you wouldn’t have read this far.

The first course goes deep on Evaluation and Strategy and it’s 4 hours long.

About the Authors:

Damian Lemos is a grandmaster from Argentina with a peak rating of 2559 Elo. In his lessons, Damian works closely with students to first identify the flaws and weaknesses in their games so that they can be properly evaluated and corrected. By developing specifically-tailored training regimens for every one of his students, Grandmaster Lemos is able to achieve results that other chess coaches dream of.

Sam Shankland is an American Chess Grandmaster and the 2018 US National Chess Champion. He is a mainstay of the US Olympic Team, a two-time Olympiad Gold Medallist (2014 and 2016), a former World U-18 co-champion (2008), Champion of the Strong Capablanca in Memoriam (2018), Continental Champion of the Americas (2018), and the winner of several international events. He has worked as an analyst for the reigning World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, training with him to prepare for the 2014 and 2016 World Championship matches. He is one of the strongest chess players in the world, having crossed the 2700-Elo barrier and having reached as high as #24 in the world.

GM Simon Williams (aka Ginger GM) is an English chess grandmaster, author, and commentator. He obtained Grandmaster the Grandmaster title 2008, by accomplishing the final norm at the Hastings International Chess Congress 2005/2006 and the 2500+ rating at Hastings 2007/2008. His highest rating so far is 2550, achieved in November 2009. In 2009, he organized the Big Slick International in Purley, London, which comprised an invitational GM tournament and FIDE Rated Open.

In 2005, he won the British Blitz Championship.

He was the joint winner with Gawain Jones of the London Chess Classic FIDE Rated Open in December 2010, with a rating performance of 2690.

IM Kostya Kavutskiy, as a coach, IM Kavutskiy works with his students to maximize their strengths, grow past their weaknesses, and determine a realistic training plan to reach their goals. I believe it’s a coach’s responsibility to target their training to each individual student. This means spending time on both calculation and strategy while also providing useful insight and knowledge on the positions they play. If you sign up for lessons with IM Kavutskiy, be ready to work hard!

How is this bundle going to help me?

With GM Lemos, you’ll analyze 50 of the most instructive games from grandmaster chess… each one teaching something new in 1 of 7 categories:

  • think processThought Process & Calculation

Thinking outside of the box: take a look at this position. White is loading up against e6 (and f7), ready to play f5 and Ne4-d6. What do you do? Play …Re8 and …Nf8 to protect e6? Seems sensible… what about playing …f6? Blunder? No – it leads to a crushing attack for Black!

  • Evaluation & Strategy
  • Forcing Moves

Making moves work. Forcing moves, the initiative, attacking play, sacrifices… we want to force issues, to take control… but know you can’t just play something aggressive and ‘hope’ it works. We examine WHY these moves work, using elite level examples.

If you’ve watched one of GM Shankland’s courses before, you know 15 hours of his lessons are equivalent to 25-30 hours of most other courses.

He packs his courses with quality content, focusing on the critical decisions and expecting you to pause the video for anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes to think about the position.

  • sam shanklandMaking the right decision. Even seemingly small decisions can have a big impact on your game. Take a look at this position. White has just captured a knight on f6 with his Bishop, giving Black three ways to recapture. Which would you choose?
  • Succeed at the higher levels in chess, if you want to succeed, you need to develop your skill set. Memorizing ideas is all well and good, but what really decides games is your ability. As former US Champion Sam Shankland points out, real games require many different skills – it’s not enough to rely on your calculation or positional understanding alone.
  • Develop your skills through training and feedback. You will have to pause the video at critical moments and treat the positions as you would if you were playing an important game. Then comes the feedback, a 2700-rated player pointing out why some ideas work and others don’t – and how you can discern between similar options in your games.

Regarding GM Simon Williams‘ course, it’s always a special occasion whenever the British grandmaster releases a new course… and this might just be his best yet.

The whole point of this series is to transfer the skills and knowledge of the masters to you – closing that gap without you having to spend 1000s of hours of painstaking trial-and-error to get there.

s part of our Intuition Navigates Chaos series, Accelerate Your Chess takes things a step further… focusing on teaching the skills and strategies you need to succeed at the highest levels.

  • chaos theoryBlindfold training. One of the best things you can do to improve your calculation and awareness of each piece’s power – see the board and pieces with eyes closed! Simon reveals his favorite technique for training this high-level skill.
  • Chaos theory. You will learn to love chaos… the murky waters where you swim and others drown. Simon teaches you the special way of thinking that helps you find spectacular winning moves in positions like this (diagram, White to play).
  • Pattern tracing. Whether it’s an attack formation or positional maneuver, you want to be absorbing as many beneficial patterns as you can. Section 5 sees Simon explains how to deconstruct winning ideas to make them easy to remember and use.
  • Continuous improvement. You’ve got a slightly better position but no weaknesses to attack… what do you do? GM Williams takes you through some classics to internalize the ‘3 Ps’ of prophylaxis, pressure, and patience.

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Running Time

46+ hours

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Content Outline

Courses Outline

Manifesto 2K

Chapter 1 – Evaluation & Strategy

  • Example 1: Kasparov – Gelfand
  • Example 2: Naiditsch – Korchnoi
  • Example 3: Malakov – Wang Hao
  • Example 4: Karpov – Xie Jun
  • Example 5: Grygorian – Vaganian
  • Example 6: Karpov – Unzicker
  • Example 7: Christiansen – Hodgson
  • Example 8: Lutz – Kasparov
  • Example 9: Morozevich – Svidler
  • Example 10: Lemos – Cuartas
  • Example 11: Beliavsky – Nunn
  • Example 12: Rapport – Carlsen
  • Example 13: Gheorghiu – Kasparov
  • Example 14: Short – Timman

Chapter 2 – Thought Process & Calculation

  • Example 1: Landa – Ibragimov
  • Example 2: Korchnoi – Ibragimov
  • Example 3: Adianto – Gunawan
  • Example 4: Grigorian – Kasparov
  • Example 5: Adams – Lemos
  • Example 6: Slipak – Lemos
  • Example 7: Lemos – Paehtz
  • Example 8: Lemos – Andreikin
  • Example 9: Napoli – Lemos
  • Example 10: Lemos – French
  • Example 11: Tiviakov – Lemos
  • Example 12: Lemos – Dos Santos

Chapter 3 – Forcing Moves Force Wins

  • Example 1: Wei Yi – Haast
  • Example 2: Klasups – Tal
  • Example 3: Muzychuk – Mikadze
  • Example 4: Pikula – Savic

Chapter 4 – Sacrifices & Navigating Chaos

  • Example 1: Yemelin – Nepomniashchy
  • Example 2: Flores – Radjabov
  • Example 3: Kramnik – Aronian
  • Example 4: Lemos – Vernay

Chapter 5 – Pattern Recognition Creates Intuition

  • Example 1: Kramnik – Malaniuk
  • Example 2: Flohr – Fine
  • Example 3: Peng – Motylev
  • Example 4: Dzagnidze – Adams

Chapter 6 – Prophylaxis = Control

  • Example 1: Carlsen – Ding Liren
  • Example 2: Reinderman – Luther
  • Example 3: Tcebekov – Varavin

Chapter 7 – The Squeeze – Converting Advantages

  • Example 1: Kasimdzhanov – Grischuk
  • Example 2: Bu – Xu
  • Example 3: Malajov – Moiseenko
  • Example 4: Gunawan – Sokolov
  • Example 5: Kasparov – Timman
  • Example 6: Cifuentes – Rivas
  • Example 7: Moiseenko – Morozevich

Bonus: Q&A Session

Super GM Skills Set


Chapter 1. Thought Process and Calculation.







Ex07-Cori Quispe–Shankland

Chapter 2. Evaluation and Strategy.








Chapter 3. Forcing Moves Force Wins



Ex03-Shankland–Martinez Romero





Chapter 4. Sacrifices and Navigating Chaos.







Chapter 5. Pattern Recognition Creates Intuition.








Accelerate your Chess

Chapter 1 – Evaluation & Strategy

  • Example 1: Tal – Timman (Dark Square Magic)
  • Example 2: Karpov – Unzicker
  • Example 3: Carlsen – Tomashevsky (Identifying the Bad Piece)
  • Example 4: Bareev – Kasparov (When Simon Met Harry)
  • Example 5: Williams – Poobalasingham (The h4 Concept)
  • Example 6: Maroczy – Tartakower (The Rook Swinger)
  • Example 7: Agrest – Williams
  • Chapter 1 Conclusion

Chapter 2 – Thought Process & Calculation

  • Chapter 2 Introduction
  • Example 1: Knight Study
  • Example 2: Trofimov – Metlyakhin (Calculate!)
  • Example 3: Karjakin – Esipenko
  • Example 4: Parada – Zvjaginsev
  • Example 5: Korchnoi – Williams
  • Example 6: Williams – Ledger
  • Example 7: Williams – Adams
  • Example 8: Gomes – Neto
  • Chapter 2 Conclusion

Chapter 3 – Forcing Moves Force Wins

  • Chapter 3 Introduction
  • Example 1: Caruana – Ponomariov
  • Example 2: Caruana – Berg
  • Example 3: Ding Liren – Aronian
  • Example 4: Wang Hao – Gerber
  • Example 5: Ivanchuk – Yusupov
  • Example 6: Williams – Wohl
  • Example 7: T.Ravi – Williams
  •  Chapter 3 Conclusion

Chapter 4 – Sacrifices & Navigating Chaos

  • Chapter 4 Introduction
  • Example 1: Bai – Ding Liren
  • Example 2: Paravyan – Golubov3
  • Example 3: Ding Liren – Caruana
  • Example 4: S.Jenson – Williams
  • Example 5: Gordon – Williams

Chapter 5 – Pattern Recognition Creates Intuition

  • Chapter 5 Introduction
  • Example 1: A.Sokolov – Yusupov
  • Example 2: Bondarevsky – Botvinnik
  • Example 3: Varley – Williams
  • Example 4: J.Polgar – Berkes
  • Example 5: Nepomniachtchi – Sjugirov
  • Example 6: Petrosian – Spassky
  • Example 7: Alekseenko – Vastrukhin
  • Example 8: Carlsen – Karjakin
  • Example 9: Hug – Kavalek
  • Example 10: McShane – Anand
  • Example 11: Mason – Smerdon
  • Example 12: Vaganian – Adams
  • Example 13: Williams – Haria
  • Chapter 5 Conclusion

Chapter 6 – Prophylaxis = Control

  • Chapter 6 Introduction
  • Example 1: Harper – Zuk
  • Example 2: Karpov – Gheorghiu
  • Example 3: Karpov – Hernandez
  • Example 4: Gusev – Auerbach
  • Example 5: Nepomniachtchi – Wang Hao
  • Example 6: Williams – Kanyamarala
  • Example 7: Williams – Ratnesan
  • Chapter 6 Conclusion

Chapter 7 – The Squeeze – Converting Advantages

  • Chapter 7 Introduction
  • Example 1: Short – Timman
  • Example 2: Sowray – Williams
  • Example 3: Grischuk – Rublevsk
  • Example 4: Alekseenko – Giri
  • Example 5: Carlsen – Anand
  • Example 6: Andersson – Ocampos
  • Example 7: Certek – Arkell
  • Example 8: Vachier-Lagrave – Wang Hao
  • Conclusion

INC Turbo – Evaluation & Strategy with GM Damian Lemos

  1. Bovtinnik – Alekhine
  2. Hansen – Schmittdiel
  3. Dvoirys – Dolmatov
  4. Azmaiparashvili – Sokolov
  5. Kudrin – Hamdouchi
  6. Kharlov – Kharitonov
  7. Harikrishna – Li Chao


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