Other Series (13)

In this section, you will find 3 extremely valuable chess series:

  • The Henley Files. Need a complete chess opening repertoire? GM Ron W Henley is here to help with a comprehensive repertoire in the French Defense (Rubinstein Variation), the Dutch Defense (Stonewall), and the London System, in an incredible 29+ hour Henley Files collection.
  • Susan Polgar Method For Scholastic Chess Training: Grandmaster Susan Polgar is a former World Chess Champion and World Class Chess Trainer with FORTY FIVE plus years of chess experience… and she knows how to bring children the benefits and joys of chess. After all, she herself won the Girls’ Budapest Championship under 11 at the age of 4 with a perfect 10-0 score! Susan has now distilled her 45+ years of experience into what she considers the ULTIMATE training system for ambitious kids.
  • The King Hunt: Mato Jelic, the hugely popular chess coach, has produced an extraordinary 28-hour investigation and training into the art of King Hunt. Almost 600 games are examined as Mato deconstructs some of the greatest attacks on the king ever played, teaching you how to win games in the most satisfying way imaginable!