Lemos MasterClass (9)

55 hours of absolutely everything you need to know to improve fast in chess.

#01 Damian Lemos’ Attacking Masterclass: 14 attacking masterpieces to reveal the most effective methods of attacking the king.

#02 Positional Chess Masterclass: Analysis of 16 carefully chosen games, Damian explains how we can build winning positions, move by move, without our opponent having to make a tactical mistake.

#03 Chess Strategy Masterclass: The secrets of chess strategy.

#04 Chess Tactics Masterclass: GM Damian Lemos breaks down some of the most spectacular tactics ever played to make sure there are no nasty surprises in your games

#5 Middlegame Masterclass: Damian explains the best guiding principles to follow in order to handle any middlegame position! Build winning positions, move by move, without having to hope for your opponent to blunder!

#6 Endgame Masterclass: An 8-hour exploration of the secrets of practical endgames and the all-important pre-endgame transition.

I am thoroughly satisfied with GM Damian Lemos’s video course. He is incredibly engaging and can relate and speak to students of all levels. I really can’t say enough good things about his instruction. A truly fantastic teacher” – Aaron Jones (verified buyer)