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The largest obstacle for beginner chess players to improve their game is simply lacking a plan. For the majority of beginner chess players, it is extremely difficult to make it proceed to the intermediate and advanced levels because they are unable to design a comprehensive strategy.

If you are under 1500 FIDE, these courses are PERFECT for you because they target every aspect of the game including the opening, the middle, the endgame as well as other important concepts like tactics, positional chess, and the critical importance of playing attacking chess.

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  • Openings Course For Beginners – Im Valeri Lilov

    Openings Course for Beginners - IM Valeri Lilov

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  • Comprehensive Beginner’s Couse – Im Valeri Lilov

    Comprehensive Beginner's Course - IM Valeri Lilov

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  • Secrets Of Chess Strategy (beginner)

    Secrets of Chess Strategy (Beginner)

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  • The Art Of Attack (beginner)

    The Art of Attack (Beginner)

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  • Secrets Of Chess Tactics (beginner)

    Secrets of Chess Tactics (Beginner)

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