80/20 Tactics Multiplier (18)

Missing tactical ideas is a major reason why many players drop a whole bunch of rating points and lose many games.

Overlooking threats and simply not seeing the winning combinations are the real problems that need to be fixed if you really want to make progress in chess.

In the 80/20 Tactics Multiplier series, US Chess Champion GM Sam Shankland, GM Bryan Smith, IM Valeri Lilov, IM Eric Rosen, IM Irina Bulmaga, IM Levy Rozman, GM Mihail Marin, GM Niclas Huschenbeth, GM Marian Petrov and IM Lawrence Trent will give you a complete understanding of the most common tactical patterns in some of the most aggressive openings in chess.

The 80/20 Tactics Multiplier series includes 10 volumes of outstanding chess tactics video series, exclusively from iChess.net.