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Annotations and Chess Video Analysis

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Chess Video Analysis

Have you seen Will’s videos on YouTube and wish that you could have a similar analysis done for your own games? Now, we offer the same video analysis you’ve seen on YouTube. As a cheaper alternative Will also offers traditional PGN game annotations as well.

Video Analysis

Your chess video can be fully customized to your liking, we can include it with our signature splash screen and watermark leave it uncut without the splash screens, or add your own splash logo and watermark. The video can then be either uploaded to our YouTube channel or if you want to keep the video private we can send it to you directly. We will also make a page for your video where you can access the commentary, the PGN and the video in one page.
Click here for a sample video analysis page.

PGN Game Annotations

Game annotations by a master are a great way to learn from your mistakes. Since they are relatively quick for a chess master to do they have an equally low price. Will’s game annotations will also include a one paragraph summary of the game. If you’d like we can also put the PGN and the annotation on a hidden webpage on the site so you can always pull up the game from anywhere.
Click here for a sample PGN analysis

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