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    A win by an unsound combination, however showy, fills me with artistic horror - Wilhelm Steinitz

    Positional Chess Mastery Bundle

    Positional Chess Mastery Bundle
    Subtle positional and long-term strategic understanding of chess are the most difficult subjects to teach because you can’t take the easy way out and just memorize a few things! I know that it’s hard to study positional concepts and retain the understanding well enough to apply these principles successfully to win more of your games.That is why I wanted to create this new bundle to focus exclusively on positional play and long term strategy in chess. This detailed course will drastically improve the way you think in chess and overall how you understand the game, it features several different GM presenters (including a few DVDs I made!) so you are going to learn different philosophies about core positional concepts that are going to change the way you play chess. Read more ...
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