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    The winner of the game is the player who makes the next-to-last mistake - Savielly Tartakover

    Devastating Defense - Chess DVD Bundle

    GM Damian Lemos Knowing how to defend properly will not just save you from painful defeats - it will also get you more wins! Many attacks are simply too ambitious and the attacker will do anything to keep the attack going - hold on and you will find yourself up a load of material with a winning position. "Devastating Defense" is a 6 DVD bundle that will teach you to remain calm and think objectively when on the defensive. You will learn how to accurately evaluate the sacrifice of a pawn for the initiative or a piece to expose your King. If the evaluation is in your favor, let them give you… Read more ...
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    Modern Chess is too much concerned with things like Pawn structure. Forget it, Checkmate ends the game - Nigel Short