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    Modern Chess is too much concerned with things like Pawn structure. Forget it, Checkmate ends the game - Nigel Short

    Comprehensive Beginner Chess Course (EC Vol 21-30) + Bonus

    Comprehensive Beginner Chess Course (EC Vol 21-30) + Bonus
    I've spent nearly 6 months carefully putting together this comprehensive beginner chess course that carefully teaches you how to reach the 1500-1600 FIDE level as quickly and easily as possible. As many of you know I reached the GM Level without much coaching and without much help of computers. You don't need to memorize tons of complex openings or purchase any expensive software. The truth is until you reach 2000 FIDE you don't even need a chess engine! What every beginner needs and what every comprehensive beginner chess course should contain is a solid understanding that covers all essential elements of the chess game and bring them together in a cohesive theme that you can use in your games. I've noticed too many comprehensive beginner courses overcomplicated things for the early club level player who is hoping to reach a higher strength.... Read more ...
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    I don't believe in psychology. I believe in good moves - Bobby Fischer