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How to Make a Reservation

Thanks for your interest in taking chess lessons with us. We’ll spend about 5 minutes getting set up, followed by 60 minutes of actual class time. In order to proceed with your online chess class, you need to do the following steps. Please follow these instructions carefully to make sure your reservation is confirmed.

Step 1- Purchasing the Class

Please go to our Chess Teacher’s Page select your teacher and make a purchase.

Step 2 – Making Your Reservation

After purchasing the class please go to OCL calendar page choose your teacher and then and make an account. You can do so by clicking “Sign-in” at the top right of the screen or by clicking anywhere on the calendar. After you click “Sign-In,” Click “Create a new user account.” From there enter your name, e-mail, your correct time-zone (especially important if you are not on Eastern Time). Also, if you have it enter your FICS (or ICC) and Skype username (don’t worry if you don’t, that part is covered in the “Getting Setup section”). Click on any available time on the calendar to schedule your time (marked in green). By default the calendar is on USA Eastern Standard Time.

After making your account it will take you back to the login screen. Click on any available time and fill in the information. That’s it!

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