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Chess Classes – Main Page

How it works

To takes online chess classes with one of our chess teachers, all you need to do is setup some free easy software, make an appointment and be on Skype during your class time. For more detailed information please see our How it Works page.

Our Teaching Style

Our chess master’s teaching methods include personalized one-on-one instruction, which include both extensive mentoring and training.

Personalized One-on-One Training

The training portion occurs during the actual class. We’ll through specific examples of problems and puzzles tailored to your (or your child’s) weak areas and noting progress to continue to offer tailored instruction. As we continue working with you and tracking your progress he will continue to find your weak areas to improve on them.


The mentoring portion occurs outside of the lesson. As long as one takes lessons with an OCL teacher, we are always available to answer student’s e-mails and continue to guide them outside of the sessions. We feel that excelling at chess requires more than just the class sessions and that establishing a regiment for studying chess everyday is essential. We can’t force students to do their homework but when they choose to do so they will drastically improve and with Will always available for questions, it makes progressing much easier.

Children vs Adults

We have extensive experience with people of all ages and understand the importance of tailoring the chess lessons and work. Adults seem to work better using techniques such as mastering a specific opening or possibly suggesting a specific book or training program to use. For Children, this usually entails puzzles and more “engaging” chess activities that a child will enjoy. Children typically work better with lessons and more structure as well as inspiring examples. Adults typically work better with more independent projects. For both children and adults using instructive games played by chess masters to show how the various ideas and moves are interconnected always seems to work well. Also, reviewing a student’s previous games are another teaching method that is both useful for children and adults, which also helps Will decide how to tailor the student’s chess curriculum.

Lesson Plans

Lessons are designed for understanding and application of various tactical, strategic, opening, and end game themes. Will spends significant time preparing adjustments for the student’s subsequent lessons (lessons which he’s developed over time). Each lesson is tailored to each student by adjusting these lesson plans. Study materials for class and homework are provided. Supplemental materials for independent study such as chess books, web sites, and software may be suggested to the student.

More Information

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