Buy as a Gift – FAQ –

Buy as a Gift – FAQ

1. What is an iChess Gift?

Want to get something special for your chess-obsessed friend or loved one? You can now gift any of the 100s of chess courses on the iChess store.When you purchase a course as a gift, it will be delivered to the recipient’s email address, along with your custom message!

2. How can I purchase a gift for another iChess user

Check the “Is this a gift?” box on the relevant product page and click Buy Now (or, add the product to your cart if you wish to shop for more items).When you check out, you can enter the email address of the recipient, and the purchased product(s) will automatically be added to their iChess account.

3. How can I purchase a gift for someone without an iChess account?

When you check out, you can enter the email address of the recipient. If the email address isn’t already connected to an iChess account, a new user account will automatically be created and the gift email will include a randomly-generated login password for the recipient.

4. Is it possible to include a special message with my gift?

Absolutely! During check out, simply add a message into the available text-box. Your message will appear in the gift email (click the image below for an example).

5. Can I schedule a gift to be delivered at a later date?

It isn’t currently possible to schedule gifts as the process is automatic and gifts are delivered immediately after checkout.

6. What happens after I purchase a gift?

You will receive a confirmation email with the order details. The recipient will receive an email containing the gift and your message. They will not be able to see the price.

7. How will I know whether my friend has received their gift?

Your order confirmation email and the email for the recipient are sent at the same time – when you receive the email, you can rest assured the recipient has also received an email.

8. How will the recipient be able to access the iChess gift?

If the gift is a digital product, the recipient will receive an email telling them to login to their iChess account. If they don’t have an account already, one will be created for them. Once logged in, they can visit the Downloads or Streaming sections in their dashboard, and their new course(s) will be there.If it’s a physical product, the person will receive an email with the product information, and as soon as we get the corresponding tracking number, we will let you know.

9. Do gifts expire?

No, gifts don’t expire.

10. How can I tell if the recipient already owns the course(s) I would like to gift?

Don’t hesitate to contact us by sending us a message via our contact form ( or hitting our Live Chat button. We will help you out.

11. Can I give multiple gifts at the same time?

The courses in your account are not transferable. However, you can use store credits and available discounts to make your gift purchase. To check your available coupons, please log in to your account and visit Don’t forget to check that you receive our daily offers in your inbox.

13. Can I refund my gift?

Yes, you can, as per our Refund Policy ( Please note that the recipient will lose access to their gift once it has been refunded.
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