Winning in Chess Made Easy

Winning is chess is often over-thought and underachieved.

Chess players by nature are very interested in psychology, and this often leads to detrimental effects on their quality of play as it easy to “psych yourself out” and over-think simple decisions.

For the experienced player, playing chess should be ingrained in your brain similar to seasoned athletes retain muscle memory in sports.

The best way to approach a game of chess is with a strong mentality that can not be distracted.

Now of course you can only make 50% of the moves and must respond attentively to the threats and goals of your opponent, but your main objective should always be to play as energetically as possible.

The Secret Ingredient to Success = Energetic Play

Bobby Fischer - Winning in ChessWhile it’s great to be aware of your opponent and his/her playing style (strengths and weaknesses), you don’t want to delve too deeply into the details.

Focusing more on your game and playing as actively and aggressively as possible will yield a very positive effect, as you will be less distracted by trivial details and more focused on playing your best chess.

It is very important to always play the best possible move in any situation against any opponent, as strong players will never “play down” to their opponent’s supposed strength – instead a strong player will eliminate luck as a factor and try to crush their opponent as fast as possible to ensure success.

The fundamental key to winning in chess is very simple: play energetically from the first move to the last move.

Maintaining a high level of activity will introduce consistent pressure against your opponent, forcing a constant defense that increases the likelihood of unforced errors.

While this consistent pressure will also wear down your opponent’s psychology, you should not get distracted and focus only on playing the best move in every single position.

While there are certainly other factors that influence the result of a game, playing energetically and creating new threats with every single move will guarantee you best results.

I don’t believe in psychology. I believe in good moves” – Bobby Fischer


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