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Why Kids Should Play Chess

Children should play chess because chess can impart valuable life skills and experiences to it’s players.  There has been extensive scientific documentation that chess quantifiably improves memory, critical thinking, mathematics, and reading skills (to name a few). The earlier a child begins learning and playing chess, the greater the likelihood that he/she will excel in the aforementioned areas.  The concept of plasticity of the developing cerebral cortex in children suggests that the earlier a child begins learning a skill/language/etc.. – the more natural success he/she will experience as the developing brain is very similar to an extremely effective sponge (especially in the earlier stages).  A good example is that children are much better at learning languages at an early age – because their brain is naturally more receptive to encoding external stimuli into meaningful patterns. The following article by Mary Alward (with reference to original material by Chess Coach Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan) details the benefits of teaching chess to children.
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One Comment

Greg says:

Great article and so true.

Even as an adult, I’ve learned some valuable lessons from Chess that I use in running my own business.

1. Practice doing something enough and you’ll eventually be better than your competitors (opponents).

2. Stop paying attention and you’ll end-up giving the business (game) to someone else.

3. Never stop trying or looking for a way to succeed (win), it can happen and will happen more often than not, if you continue pushing until the very end.

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