The Ruy Lopez Chess Opening – GM Damian Lemos (Deep Dive)

One of the most classical of all openings is the Ruy Lopez chess opening. This is one chess opening that has truly stood the test of time and aged very well.

Every World Champion played it. AlphaZero rediscovered it and quickly made it it’s favorite e4 opening.

Named nearly 500 years ago by a Spanish priest, the Ruy Lopez is THE classical chess opening.

And if you don’t study it, you might never hit your true chess potential.

Sound over-the-top?

Mikhail Botvinnik claimed that the only reason the great Polugaevsky never challenged for the World Championship was because he didn’t play the Ruy Lopez, and so didn’t master positional play.

The strategic nature, typical attacks and the fact the Ruy Lopez leads to both open and closed positions makes it perfect for deepening chess understanding.

This video is a free preview of the Ruy Lopez Deep Dive. By combining theory with instructive games, this Deep Dive teaches you not just what to play but also why… making it easy for you to keep making progress in your games.

The Ruy Lopez (Spanish Opening)

The Ruy Lopez Chess Opening - Gm Damian Lemos (deep Dive)

The Ruy Lopez, also known as the Spanish Opening, starts with 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5.

From the outset, White looks to develop the bishop while putting some pressure on the e5-pawn by attacking its defender. Despite creating the threat of capturing the c6 knight in order to capture on e5, this is not the real intention of the move Bb5 – the main purpose is to create strong and steady pressure on the support of Black’s center.

This chess opening was played by Paul Morphy as far back as the 1850s, and as recently as last week by Magnus Carlsen, and it has been a favorite weapon of every world champion in history.

With a small amount of knowledge, this opening is a really powerful weapon! With a simple bishop move, white asks black “how are you going to defend your e-pawn?” and based on how black defends, white always seems to emerge with a clear edge and direct attacking plans.

Deep Dive: The Ruy Lopez (Part 1)

Want to master the Ruy Lopez but don’t know where to start?

Damian Lemos’ Deep Dive course is 7 hours of GM training on the Ruy Lopez.

It includes the most instructive games, the best examples of attacking play, little-known ideas and doing deep engine analysis to show you everything you need to know to play this opening with confidence.

This Deep Dive covers the trendy Steinitz (3…d6) and Berlin (3…Nf6) variations plus all the sidelines and gambits like 3…Nd4!?, 3…Bc5 and the Schliemann (3…f5). (3…a6 variations will be covered in a different volume.)

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