The Refreshing Double Fianchetto

The Refreshing Double Fianchetto

Modern chess appears to offer only two options to the white players:

  • to play sharp openings, with lots of unique moves you have to memorize (or risk being massacred)
  • to play dubious lines, with little to study but jeopardizing your opening advantage.

But GM Damian Lemos offers you an antidote to this problem: The Double Fianchetto.

With his refreshing course Double Fianchetto Domination, GM Lemos offers a complete repertoire for white based on powerfully fianchettoing both bishops. Regardless of how black responds, with GM Lemos’ reliable strategy you will gain an advantage and play for a win.

With games of Kramnik (one of the best exponents of the Double Fianchetto), Kasparov, Granda, Malakhov and Wei Yi (the next World Champion?), among others, Lemos explains all the details, move-orders, and crushing ideas that will enhance your overall play.

Take, for example, this position (right) from the free preview that we are showing you today:Double Fianchetto

In this opening position, GM Lemos explains why the correct move is 6.c4 and why the logical move 6.O-O is a mistake. That’s the invaluable details that will make you a killer!

But Lemos also expound clear concepts that can be actually used in every phase of the game.

Double FianchettoIn the next position (left), White finally completes one of his dreams from the opening, taking control of the center with his pawns! After 23.e4! Nc7 24.d4!, White gets a central space advantage, that later on transforms itself into an attack with 28.e5!

In summary, a masterfully played game, with lots of positional ingredients to learn from and with excellent analysis from the GM Damian Lemos.

If you want to know how to respond against any Black move, and have a Complete Repertoire, then you must have the course Double Fianchetto Domination. And get ready to crush your opponents!


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