The 5 Best Chess Training Websites

The 5 Best Chess Training WebsitesThe 5 Best Chess Training Websites

There once was a time when chess books and magazines were the predominant training sources for any ambitious chess player who was interested in effective chess training. However, times have changed! Nowadays, these sources have lost their monopoly and, thanks to technological progress, chess training software and online training have become increasingly attractive to the chess community. They provide its users with a variety of innovative advantages such as the opportunity to train specific skills, track results and detect progress with rating systems.

Due to the immense number of different chess training websites all over the internet, it’s becoming more and more difficult to figure out which websites are worth using and which are not. Many chess players have the frustrating experience of wasting valuable chess study time on inefficient chess training software and third-class online platforms.

For that reason, this article forms a basis for discussion and provides you with an insight into the 5 best chess training websites available today.

  1. chess24 

Our #1 go-to spot for any motivated chess fan is the online training platform chess24. The website offers a comprehensive service providing you with everything a chess player’s heart desires. There is not only a large Playzone – which allows you to play against opposition of any level – but also many more opportunities for training.

The Tactics Trainer helps you to improve your tactical skills with puzzles adapted to your individual level, while a leaderboard makes it possible to see who’s on top and how you compare. As well as this interactive training, the website offers video lessons where top players share their secrets.

The website also offers its users one of the largest game databases on the whole internet and gives every chess trainer the chance to coach his students in the unique coaching area. The website has an appealing design and is clearly structured which also makes chess24 attractive for kids.

Additionally, the lobby gives you the chance to find players from all over the world, to chat and to watch games from different live-broadcasted tournaments. Different live shows make the site extremely vivid and combine serious chess training with entertainment making them a lot of fun. Daily news from the chess world is always available on chess24 keeping you up to date. On top of all that, you can use chess24 on your mobile device with apps for both Android and iOS.

In essence, it’s a site where you can fully dive into the world of chess without any boundaries.


The chess24 chess training website is closely followed by another online platform which attracts millions of chess players from all over the world. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we’re talking about allows you to easily find opponents at your level, no matter whether you are a total beginner or a strong Grandmaster, and to play against them. You can choose from a ton of different time controls from 1 minute bullet to 5 minutes blitz to 60 minutes games and even correspondence games where you have several days to make a move. As a bonus, while playing games on it’s not unlikely that you stumble across chess giants such as Magnus Carlsen or Hikaru Nakamura who also frequently play training games on A leaderboard with over 3 million users gives you the chance to compare your playing strength to other users.

Great training tools with over 50,000 tactic puzzles, where you can solve problems and see your rating climb, are available too. The chess tactics training puzzles aren’t artificially composed either, but taken from real games, making them more likely to be useful in your games.

On top of that, many articles from some of the best chess coaches in the world can be found on which – if you read them regularly – allow you to widen your strategic horizon and enrich your repertoire of a wide variety topics related to chess training.

The daily puzzle on the front page motivates you to solve at least one puzzle a day and makes you hungry for more. As with chess24, there’s a news section keeping you up-to-date with everything going on in the world of chess. Moreover, it’s possible to focus on specific aspects of your games (like the opening) in the learning area.

And like chess24, does not tie you to a computer – you can download’s apps and use all the services on your phone.


A somewhat smaller, but clearly underrated chess training website is has a great supply of instructive chess material. Apart from the opportunity to play standard chess games with diverse time controls, you can choose between 8 different chess variants such as Chess960, Atomic chess or Three-check chess making it possible to combine chess training with a lot of fun. A small disadvantage concerning all these chess variations is that the chess community on is not too large and sometimes it takes time to find an opponent who wants to play against you in your chosen chess variant.

However, the main feature that makes so great is the learning area with interactive chess tactics training modules. In that mode you can focus on single pieces, the fundamentals of chess like captures or mate in one and special moves like en passant or castling. This makes this chess training website highly appealing for kids who want to learn the game of chess. Furthermore, the learning area offers many extra features for stronger players such as special chess endgame training or tactics training. 

  1. Chess Tempo 

Chess Tempo is another chess site worth visiting if you want to improve your game. Apart from the fact the design of this chess training website is somewhat overcomplicated and unclear, the software is incredibly easy to use which makes it an attractive option for online chess training. Providing many free training tools to all playing levels, the website is highly recommended. You can solve tactics in full screen with just the board displayed and you can receive a performance summary for your current training session. The platform contains a regularly updated database which allows you to study recent games by strong Grandmasters or to research certain openings. A special endgame training tool gives you the chance to play endgames against the computer, get feedback and receive an endgame rating too.

  1. Chessable 

The last chess training website in this list is Chessable. With 20,000 members, the website has got a small community, but still aims to make improving your chess as easy and efficient as possible. The platform offers many chess eBooks focused on openings, endgames, strategy and tactics helping you to improve your game. In addition, the website offers different tools such as the option to import PGN files or to set up any position you like in order to analyze it. As there is a tutorial for openings, Chessable is also highly recommended for kids.

So, these are our top 5 chess training websites – chosen from tons of online platforms. But what do you think? Any we have missed? Any we have mentioned that you love or hate? Leave a comment and tell us about your favorite chess training website!


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