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Stonewall Defense with GM Perelshteyn

Stonewall Defense - Sample PositionThe Stonewall Defense is an exceptionally solid choice for black against 1. d4, based on strong positional ideas that are very tough to crack! The Stonewall Defense involves placing your pawns on the light squares (..d5, e6, and f5) – granting black an iron grip on the center and making it extremely difficult for white to achieve thematic breaks involving an e4 push. While black does have problems with developing his light-squared bishop on c8, in the below chess video excerpt from the 2+ hour chess DVD ¨Stomping White with the Stonewall Defense¨ Grandmaster Eugene Perelshteyn demonstrates multiple effective methods to develop or trade off that potential ¨problem bishop¨. The Stonewall Defense is a reliable opening choice for chess players of all levels and has been employed at the highest levels of chess by none other than current World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand and former World Champions Vladimir Kramnik, Mikhail Botvinnik, and Vassily Smyslov.

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Harteel Dave says:

Very nice video, especially the move order. When you begin with d5, e6 and then c6 in many opening books f5 isn’t mentioned on move 4 for black and since most opening books recommand the meran variant for white aganst the slav you don’t get the critical varaint against the stonewall since white has already played e3 on move 4.


very good video, also very instructive. the ideas are very logical and usefull.
thanks, and i will be returning to this web pages to continue improving my chess games. XD

Howard Winter says:

Quite a tug-of-war. We all tend to dismiss kids, but Gary, in my opinion, almost let the roof fall in. He was likely happy to get that draw after such a close encounter. Thanks for posting this game.

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