A Simple System Against the King’s Gambit – GM Eugene Perelshteyn

Tear the Kings Gambit up!

Simple System Against the King’s Gambit: Presented by GM Eugene Perelshteyn from  ChessLecture

Here we see a high level game from Navara vs. Gelfand, which features the opening “the Kings Gambit”, and a good line for Black is promoted with 2…exf4 3.Bc4 Nf6 and 4.Nf3 when…Nf6 is advised. The emphasis is toward Black playing a well prepared …d5 in order to gain full equality and, in some cases, advantage Black. Eugene likes to prepare …d5 with…c6, which blunts the white squared bishop from contributing to any aggressive pressure.

A good simple line to have against a King’s Gambit player.


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