Enjoy Success With GM Ron. W. Henley

The Sicilian Dragon Defense, Benko Gambit, and Dzindzi Indian are all sound, vigorous defenses you can use to play for a win.

Enjoy Success With GM Ron W. Henley

GM Ron W. Henley is an experienced chess grandmaster. He also acted as second to former World Champion Anatoly Karpov in the ’90s.

More recently, GM Ron W. Henley has trained 8-time US Women’s Champion, GM Irina Krush!

Thanks to his many years of coaching experience, GM Ron. W. Henley knows what to cover in his courses. You get all the essential knowledge and insights you need to enjoy success in your own games.

Enjoy this sample of what’s included in GM Ron Henley’s Ultimate Collection of Chess Videos!

GM Ron W. Henley chess videos
GM Ron W. Henley

Playing With the Black Pieces

Thanks to Andras Adorjan, we know “Black is OK Forever!” This is a good starting point, but we want more than settling for OK.

You can trust GM Ron. W. Henley to ensure you can play with every expectation of doing more than OK with either color. 

Included in this bundle of dynamic openings are defenses against White’s two most popular opening moves – 1.e4 and 1.d4.

The Deadly Sicilian Dragon Defense

The Maroczy Bind can be crushing for the unprepared black player in the Sicilian Dragon Defense. Thanks to GM Ron W. Henley, that won’t be you!

23+ hours of grandmaster opening coaching is going to leave you well-prepared to play the Sicilian Dragon Defense!

However, this is more than just a theoretical opening course. This is precious knowledge you can apply to your other openings too! GM Ron W. Henley begins by introducing you to the 7 elements of chess.

Included are material, force, time, relative value, king safety, pawn structure, and color control.

After learning about the evolution of the Sicilian Dragon Defense, you are then introduced to the opening theory.

GM Ron W. Henley has all the main lines, including the Maroczy Bind, covered. 

Here is Boris Spassky demonstrating how black can play against the Maroczy Bind.

Semyon, Furman – Boris Spassky, 1957 USSR Championship, 0-1

Along with the Maroczy Bind, you will learn the Anti-Yugoslav, and how to play against the Classical Variations.

By studying classical games of the Sicilian Dragon Defense, you ensure you do not repeat the mistakes of others. It is far better to learn from the mistakes of others instead of repeating them in your own games!

Learn how to play the Sicilian Dragon Defense and take the fight to White!

Learn all about the history and evolution of your new favorite defense with GM Ron. W. Henley in this video.

The Dzindzi Indian Defense

The Sicilian Dragon Defense gave you a great way to meet 1.e4. Now it’s time to consider how to meet 1.d4.

You know that some of the best defenses to 1.d4 involve a kingside fianchetto. What you also know is they often include lots of theory.

That’s without entering the wild waters of the Grunfeld Defense with all the deadly tactics for both sides. Of course, you don’t want an opening totally devoid of tactics, or winning will prove a challenge.

Enter the Dzindzi Indian Defense, which combines positional solidity with enough attacking themes to ensure you can play for a win.

The Dzindzi-Indian is named after a well-known opening theoretician, coach, and player GM Roman Dzindzichasvili.

There are strong elements of both the Dutch Defense, …f5, and the more popular Nimzo-Indian Defense, with …Bxc3. However, unlike these two openings, the Dzindzi-Indian is almost sure to be less well-known to your opponent.

When a 1900 USCF-rated player can hold his own against Anatoly Karpov, you know this is an opening worth giving serious consideration.

To learn more, take a look at the following informative article on the Dzindzi-Indian Defense.

Playing With the White Pieces

Whether you prefer 1.e4 or 1.d4, GM Ron W. Henley has included openings to help you in his Ultimate Collection of Chess Videos!

Every 1.e4 player must know how to meet the Sicilian Defense. After all, you will be playing the Sicilian Dragon Defense soon. 

GM Ron W. Henley suggests playing the Alapin Variation against the Sicilian Defense.

Suppose you play 1.d4 because you are more of a positional player. GM Ron. W. Henley will get you up and running with the London System, a system the current world champion Magnus Carlsen is fond of playing.

The Alapin Sicilian

This is a positionally sound approach by White, who plays 2.c3 with the simple idea of advancing d4. This plan is surprisingly difficult for black to meet.

The plans are easy to understand, and if you enjoy open positions, this is undoubtedly the opening for you. One of the key strategies for White is playing with the Isolated Queen’s Pawn.

Apart from taking your opponent out of his favorite Sicilian Defense set-up, the Alapin Variation cuts down on the amount of theory you have to learn.

One of the other advantages of the isolated queen’s pawn is that you can apply what you learn against another famous 1.e4 defense – the Caro-Kann.

The London System

After the moves 1.d4 d5 2.Bf4, we have entered the fashionable London System. Being a ‘system’, you can focus more on the typical strategies and tactics, rather than cutting-edge theory.

When the world champion plays an opening, you know it has proven itself as a sound opening against the very best players in the world today. It will undoubtedly prove an even more dangerous weapon against club players if it is good enough to defeat grandmasters!

Over 14 hours of top-notch instruction in the London System will ensure you are fully prepared to play this dangerous system.

Here is the current world champion showing us how to win with the London System.

Magnus Carlsen – Radoslaw Wojtaszek, 2015 European Team Championship, 1-0

Once again, GM Ron. W. Henley begins by introducing you to the history and evolution of this opening. He then goes on to cover all the main variations of the London System.

Here is GM Ron W. Henley to share insights into the Carlsbad London system.

Final Thoughts

We all know there is more to chess than the opening. Included in this great collection of chess training courses are the games of four powerful players – Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, Alexei Shirov, and Irina Krush.

Learning the strategies used by strong chess players helps reduce your study time and eases your workload.

Along with the openings included here are others like the French Rubinstein and the Benko Gambit. These are great options to keep your opening repertoire fresh.

No matter your style of play, you are sure to find something to your liking in GM Ron W. Henley’s Ultimate Collection of Chess Videos. Click here to get 160+ hours of chess training with Ron W Henley for only $99!

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