Sicilian Defense Mastery with GM Judit Polgar

master the sicilian defense

The Sicilian Defense is one of the strongest defenses to 1.e4 and is played at the highest levels of chess today; it was a firm favorite of GM Judit Polgar.

She used it to win games against the best players in the world during her stellar career, and she has shared her in-depth knowledge and secrets of this strong defense.

Even if you do not play the Sicilian Defense today, you can learn much about chess from this famous opening. There are a lot of thematic sacrifices and attacking strategies in the Sicilian Defense.

In this 1-hour free video lesson, Judit Polgar goes through lots of games of great champions and also games played by herself. An excellent free appetizer of what you can get in her course!

sicilian defense
The starting position of the Sicilian Defense

What Makes the Sicilian Defense So Popular?

When defending against 1.e4, your first goal is to prevent White from establishing central control with e4 and d4. The reply 1…c5 (see diagram on the right) does this on the first move.

From the start, Black immediately creates an asymmetrical position at the beginning of the game and prepares to exchange on d4 with …cxd4.

After 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4, Black obtains a central pawn majority, a big enough positional plus to compensate for falling behind in development.

Thanks to this central pawn majority, Black has at least equality in many variations of the Sicilian Defense. Although the pawns might only advance one square initially, forming the little center with …e6 and …d6, the threat to advance further can tie down the white pieces.

The Sicilian Defense Caters to Players of All Styles.

There are positional variations like the Classical and Taimanov variations or the ultra-sharp Sicilian Najdorf and Sicilian Dragon variations.

Whatever your preferred playing style, you will find a variation that leads to middlegames you enjoy playing.

Learning the deeper secrets from Judit Polgar will ensure you can outplay many opponents in the middlegame.

Understanding an opening is of far greater value than memorizing opening theory.

Master the Sicilian Defense with GM Judit Polgar

GM Judit Polgar is one of the greatest female chess players of all time, and one of her primary weapons, which allowed her to destroy even the best players in the world, was the Sicilian Defense.

Judit recorded a video course that is an instant classic: The Judit Polgar Method – Sicilian Defense Mastery.

In the course, Judit will transform you into a Sicilian Defense master player, whether you’re playing with the white or black pieces. She’ll go over all her masterpieces, including some beautiful games against Kasparov.

Judit Polgar analyses Fischer's game

Take, for example, this beautiful demonstration of Bobby Fischer.

In this position, which originated from Fischer’s favorite Sozin Attack, Black just played 11…Nc5, trying to capture the strong Bb3. But, in doing so, he delayed his development.

How to punish Black for his rashness?

Fischer played the thematic piece sacrifice 12.Bd5! After 12…exd5 13.exd5+ Kd7 14.b4! Na4 15.Nxa4 bxa4 16.c4! White will capture the a4-pawn and get a crushing attack and two pawns for the bishop. More than sufficient!

If you want to master the Sicilian Defense, you have to understand these typical sacrifices!

And nobody better than Judit Polgar to explain the details and the must-know strategies to crush your opponents.

Even if you are only trying to sharpen your play or train your calculation skills.

One hour of full excitement!

Don’t forget to check the complete The Judit Polgar Method – Sicilian Defense Mastery. A course made for every chess fan.

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