The Scotch and Giuoco Piano

dzindzi3Attack with the Scotch and Giuoco Piano!

In the video “The Scotch and Giuoco Piano” by GM Roman Dzindzichashvili, we are first shown a basic position that arises often out of the Scotch opening.

Roman teaches us the plans behind each of White’s moves, how Black can try to change certain parts of the position, and how White can overcome Black’s attempts. In this variation of the Scotch opening, Black is able to build a pawn center, but White plans on attacking it and taking it down.

Some of the topics discussed throughout the video include kingside pawn majorities, pawn storms, dark square blockade, trading off our opponent’s strong pieces and attacking the king. In the second half of the video there are other set-ups from the Scotch opening that are discussed in detail as well.

How can White create his own strong center and push back his opponent? In what way does White’s pawn majority pose a major threat to Black? Watch the video to find out!


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