Should You Play Chess at chess24?

5 Definitive Reasons To Play Chess At Chess24

Chess hasn’t escaped the technological revolution, far from it! The internet has been put to great use to ease and enrich the life of chess players.

One key way to participate in this wonderful online chess world is to play chess at chess24!

There are numerous chess servers out there such as,,, Sparkchess and so many more. Like chess24, each of them offers you various ways to play chess online, to develop numerous skills, to watch tournaments live – in short, to do anything a chess player’s heart desires!

chess24 – The Best Chess Training Website Right Now

But is arguably the best of these websites. It’s a super-versatile chess server in English, Spanish and German where you can play chess online – and so much more! There is a large play zone you can play against opponents of any level. From total beginners to the strongest grandmasters in the world – so many of them love to play chess at chess24!

While playing games, you might even stumble across such well-known grandmasters as Spain’s Pepe Cuenca or Germany’s Jan Gustafsson. They are among the many top players who frequently play chess at chess24!

5 Definitive Reasons To Play Chess At Chess24You can play with any time control you like, from bullet blitz to standard-play long games. If you enjoy a little competition, there is a leaderboard which shows you who is on top and how you compare.

After you have got a little insight into the opportunities that chess24 opens up to you, you will see how it’s THE server to play chess online on! To show you the advantages of this particular chess website, we present here 5 crucial reasons to play chess at chess24.

#1: Gain Key Playing Experience: Play Chess at chess245 Definitive Reasons To Play Chess At Chess24

Every sportsperson has to practice on a regular basis if they want to achieve success. Without regular chess training and hard work, you can’t achieve satisfying results.

Just as football players must keep fit and train in a disciplined way, chess players should do the same – they are not an exception to the rule! A chess player has to keep physically and mentally fit and to practice regularly as well.

To play chess online is an easy way to gain playing experience because you don’t need to go anywhere, you’re not tied to any particular time slot or playing against certain opponents.

To play chess at chess24 is very comfortable, as you can gain, review and learn from your experiences very easily. After having played a game, you can analyze it, learn from it and acquire new knowledge which you can put into practice immediately after your study.

To play chess at chess24 is one of the best workouts for players of any level. So, why not use the broad range of the server and play a few games a day in the playzone? The benefits in keeping you sharp could be dramatic!

#2: Join in & watch many tournaments

When you choose to play chess at chess24, you get the possibility to join tournaments. These tournaments are offered every day. Sometimes they even have special themes such as “The Scotch Opening.” In this kind of tournament, every player must play this opening in their games.

Such a competition with a specific topic is helpful to practice newly acquired knowledge and to get inspiring ideas from other players. You can learn from your opponent, from the games of others – and have fun trying out your ideas in real games.

In addition, such a tournament is a convenient alternative to over-the-board, long play chess tournaments. There is no long drive to the playing venue, you can sit comfortably on your couch with a coffee – and you don’t need to pay for any accommodation at faraway places. But nevertheless, you get precious practice in competing with other chess players!

You can also watch many fantastic Grandmaster tournaments live online, including all the world’s elite, and chess24 provides informative and entertaining expert GM commentary on these games – so you can sit back and relax at home while watching great players in action!

#3: Watch & Play chess24’s Training Shows

The chess training tool for using chess videos was surely not forgotten by chess24. Watching training shows is a great way to combine a serious, disciplined chess training with a lot of fun. Various live shows make it possible to use chess24 to acquire useful training and enjoy entertaining commentary at the same time. Yes, those things don’t have to be mutually exclusive!

For instance, German GM Jan Gustafsson, who has an impressive rating of 2640, is one of the faces you can see most frequently in the live shows. Don’t miss this exclusive chance to train chess online!

Super-GM Peter Svidler also enjoys playing banter blitz sessions on chess24! That’s an absolutely unique feature – a top 10 player lets players of all levels from all over the world play a game of chess at chess24 against him. His thoughts and ideas on these games are really worth listening to if you are an enthusiastic chess player. And maybe you’ll even get the chance to play against him!

Unlike many other chess servers that only have a few commentators, chess24 has plenty of guest videos by super-strong masters, such as GM Robin van Kampen, GM Jan-Christian Schroeder, IM Sopiko Giri, IM Lawrence Trent and many more. Such chess24 shows also feature profound analysis of fascinating GM games.

#4: Many additional features

You can not only play chess at chess24 but also dive completely into the wider world of chess. There are so many features that you can use for chess training that boredom or monotony just have no chance anymore!

The Tactics Trainer has a large database containing tactics problems and a collection of puzzles for all the skill levels. You can choose if you want to solve puzzles in classical or speed mode so that you either have a session under time pressure or solve your puzzles calmly without any hurry

In addition, the puzzles fit your current skills, so that you get promoted optimally. You can choose when you like to receive feedback – after each puzzle, after wrong answers or at the end of the session – and get a hint if you don’t get on. If you like, you have the possibility to analyze puzzles with a chess engine.

The large YouTube Channel is the perfect place if you enjoy watching chess24’s live shows. More than 50,000 subscribers make use of the 2,000 videos which are available on the website. The channel is available in English, Spanish, and German.

You can watch analysis of grandmaster’s games, Peter Svidler’s banter blitz sessions, tons of guest videos and a variety of other meaningful videos for your improvement!

5 Definitive Reasons To Play Chess At Chess24chess24’s analysis page is a powerful tool with a wide range of uses. You can study master games, create a library of your own games complete with annotations, share it all live with other chess24 members, prepare for your next tournament opponent, work with colored buttons to draw arrows and highlight squares, add comments and glyphs to any move, see the analysis from a chess engine at any moment and finally download the PGN at the end of your session.

Chess DVD series are the excellent chess training tool – efficient training and inspiring examples! chess24 offers you plenty of chess DVD series where great masters of the game talk about chess openings, endgames and a lot more.

For example, one of the world’s leading Grünfeld experts Peter Svidler shares the secrets of his own complete, excellent repertoire for this defense! Or one of the best chess coaches of the world IM Mark Dvoretsky and GM Jan Gustafsson give you tips and hints on principles to improve your endgame techniques! Incredible offers by incredible chess players that you really mustn’t miss.

#5: Use the chess24 app to Train Wherever You Are 

5 Definitive Reasons To Play Chess At Chess24

If you want to play chess at chess24, you can also download the App for your tablet and smartphone. Thus, you can play and train chess wherever you like – on the bus, on the beach in summer, during a break at work. Many people are so busy that their time for chess training and playing chess is extremely limited, so chess24 gives you the chance to play on the go – whenever suits you.

Due to changes in the world of work, where we need to be as flexible as possible and travel more often, smartphones occupy an indispensable place in our lives. So, why not use your smartphone for a little chess in between managing all your duties?

Play Chess at chess24 – Conclusion

In a nutshell, chess24 is the perfect chess training website for the chess enthusiast. It offers you tons of opportunities to train, to have fun, to dive into complex analysis and so much more! If we didn’t mention some important features, or you would like to mention something else, please feel free to leave a comment. We wish you many hours of happy play at chess24!

5 Definitive Reasons To Play Chess At Chess24
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