Mastering the Endgame Series – Part 1

GM Roman DzindzichashviliControl the endgame with passed pawns!

In the video “Mastering the Endgame Series – Part 1” by GM Roman Dzindzichashvili, we learn about how to create passed pawns in the endgame.

We also see how we can attempt to stop our opponent from doing the same thing. If we can create our own passed pawn while preventing our opponent from getting a passed pawn, then we will have a significant advantage in every part of the endgame. As long as this is the case, we should be able to win without any problems.

Another idea we are taught, is that small changes in an endgame position can make the entire difference between winning, drawing or losing a game. This shows that calculation is one of the most important parts of endgames. If we can calculate well, then we will have an advantage.

What are some of the endgame principles Roman talks about? How can we improve our endgame play? Watch the video to find out!



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