Chess Training Program to Reach Master Level


A good chess training program consists of:

  • Practicing your endgame technique.
  • Having a wide chess opening repertoire.
  • Knowing the best middlegame strategies.
  • Solving chess puzzles every day.
  • Analyzing the games of top chess players as well as your own.

It is possible to reach good results only by working hard and really focusing on your chess training.

Here we reveal a master chess training program.

This is a basic list of the most important themes that should be developed in order to become a professional chess player.

Of course, this takes some time.

And perseverance.

kasparov chess training

But you gotta start somewhere, right?

Well, this article on chess training strategies is a great place to kick things off!

Chess Endgame Technique

You need to explore special positions with various material ratios in order to develop your endgame technique.

magnus carlsen
Magnus Carlsen is a fantastic endgame player

This knowledge will become your landmark in many different situations.

Some of the most relevant chess endgames you should know by heart are:

  1. Rook Endgames
  2. Bishop Endgames
  3. Knight Endgames
  4. Pawn Endgames
  5. Queen Endgames
  6. Bishop against knight
  7. How to use the advantage of the pair of bishops.

Is it weird to you that our first suggestion is about the last part of the game?

Take a look at this quote by Jose Raul Capablanca:

In order to improve your game, you must study the endgame before everything else. For whereas the endings can be studied and mastered by themselves, the middlegame and openings must be studied in relation to the endgame” – Jose Raul Capablanca

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Good Chess Opening Repertoire

Every aspiring chess master should build a good opening repertoire, both for White and Black.

Opening repertoires are a critical part of any chess training program.

This repertoire will help you to face your opponents with much more confidence, and it will increase your chances of winning by 200%.

There are a lot of books that can help you to create a comfortable opening repertoire, but we are not recommending you limit the building process of your opening lines just by reading books.

friends chess training

Chess theory is grows and changes very dynamically and a recommendation that is good today may be bad tomorrow.

Furthermore, mistakes could be made with any book recommendations.

So, by all means, read recommended books and watch video courses, but then, after studying the material in the book and the videos, we recommend you take a look at your opening lines and try to find weaknesses.

Compare your lines with variations that elite players are practicing and finally, check them with a strong computer engine.

Also, check out: Chess Training Program – Self-Taught Grandmaster by GM Igor SmirnovSelf-taught Grandmaster

And remember:

Your only task in the opening is to reach a playable middlegame” – Lajos Portisch”

By the way, have you heard about the iChess Club?

Tons of premium chess videos on openings there waiting for you.

And you can try it out for only $1 your first month.

Study Middlegame Strategy

There are a lot of typical pawn structures that we can get from different openings.

World Championship Candidates 2016: Chess Tactics
Sergey Karjakin is known as Minister of Defense because of his brilliant strategic play

For instance, structures with an isolated pawn or hanging pawn, structures with the possibility of a pawn majority/minority attack, and closed structures and open unbalanced positions.

Fortunately, there are a lot of books and courses that analyze and explain these situations.

So, read the books and watch the courses to learn typical middlegame strategies, plans, and tricks for different pawn structures.

A good place to start is the 9-hour course Middlegame Masterclass by GM Damian Lemos. You can get it 67% off here.

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Chess Tactics for the Win

Good players develop a tactical instinct, a sense of what is possible or likely, and what is not worth calculating” – Samuel Reshevsky

If you have the chance, always include solving puzzles in your chess training.

Gm Peter Svidler Reveals Mikhail Tal’s Attacking Secrets!
Mikhail Tal is one of the best tactical players in chess history

Did you know that a huge percentage of games between amateurs and club players are decided solely by chess tactics mistakes?

It is an excellent idea to solve 5, 10, 15 chess puzzles every day.

This helps your brain to stay fit, and always looking for a tactical idea in sharp positions.

Developing daily habits to better your game and rank will be important for you in the long term. For some inspiration, we stumbled upon this article from Chessable about CM Andrzej Krzywda’s habits, strategies, and chess training schedule to propel him to IM. His story is an inspiration to the community at large and perhaps you too will be able to take some tips from his journey.

Master-2Some Additional Tips

  1. Read different types of books. I particularly recommend books by Dvoretsky, Mikhalchishin, Panchenko, Beliavsky, Dorfman among others.
  2. Practice tactical exercises every day. Stay in a good shape.
  3. Analyze the games of World Champions.
  4. Always analyze your own games. Find your weaknesses and work to eliminate them.
  5. Physical training! A lot of players underestimate this, but in truth, physical condition is an important aspect in order to maintain good results and stay aware and active during decisive moments.
  6. Improve your time management skills during the game.
  7. Willpower! Psychological strength is one of the most decisive factors for success, not only in chess but also in life generally. Work on it.

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  1. Sanchita pagui says:

    Please give me good book name to learn middle game

    1. Fernando Broca says:

      Modern chess strategy by Ludek Pachman, despite it’s not “Modern” anymore it’s a classic!

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3 comments on “Chess Training Program to Reach Master Level

  1. Sanchita pagui says:

    Please give me good book name to learn middle game

    1. Fernando Broca says:

      Modern chess strategy by Ludek Pachman, despite it’s not “Modern” anymore it’s a classic!

  2. Freddy Lansky says:


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