Live Stream: Understanding Time and Tempo in Chess – IM Valeri Lilov [Noon EST, Sat 2nd June]

One of the first things that new chess players are told is that during the opening you should develop your pieces to active squares, you should only move pawns that help you develop, and that you should try to avoid moving the same piece twice during this phase of the game.

This advice is very useful because it gets all of your pieces into the game so that you can use them to build an attack. But also, it is because speed is important! Get behind your opponent in development and you’ll be at a notable disadvantage.

In this live stream, IM Valeri Lilov discusses the finer points of why tempo is such a crucial part of the game and how you should keep it in mind, not only in the opening, but throughout the entire game.

You will learn:

  • Why tempo is crucial, especially in the opening
  • How tempo can make all the difference in an attack
  • When you should concentrate on getting a fast attack in.

Tempo is so important, sometimes you’ll even see players sacrifice an entire piece in order to gain a tempo!

The Essence of Chess

Live Stream: Understanding Time And Tempo In Chess – Im Valeri Lilov [noon Est, Sat 2nd June]The true nature of chess isn’t easy to pin down. It’s clearly more than pawn structure, knight outposts and King safety, important as those elements are. GM Krush identifies the qualities of time, space and harmony as the real deciding factors in the outcome of a game in her Master Method course.

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