Best Chess Websites: Lichess vs chess24 vs

Chess websites enjoy high popularity nowadays. Millions of chess players use them on a daily basis for various purposes.Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs

Although it seems that we have the luxury problem of there being tons of chess websites available, three chess websites clearly stand out – chess24,, and lichess.

They are the Big Three among online chess platforms. All of them offer you access to a powerful set of playing and learning tools and a comprehensive service providing everything a chess player’s heart desires.

But how do these three chess websites compare against each other? We decided to put lichess, chess24 and head-to-head and help you decide which offers the best features, services, and value for money.

Which one is best for you, and how do they differ? Let us delve into the finer details.

Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs Chess.comOur test is based on 6 different categories:

  • Playing Experience (Online Chess Games)
  • Chess Tactics Trainer
  • Chess Videos
  • Online Chess Analysis
  • Chess Apps
  • Price

The winning chess website of each category receives 3 points. The second one gets 2 points and the third one 1 point.

Playing Experience


If you’re looking for a chess website to play online chess games, offers you the best playing experience.

First of all, attracts millions of chess players from all over the world and currently has more than 23 million members, making it a vast chess community.

Many thousands of members are online simultaneously, and you quickly get matched to an opponent at any time of the day,.

There’s no long waiting until you find an opponent who wants to play exactly your time control.

Secondly, offers almost every time control you can think of.  You can customize the time control and even enter an increment per move.

It’s even possible to play correspondence games where you have several days to make a move.

Thirdly, provides a variety of online play modes. Apart from the opportunity to play standard chess games, you can choose between 8 different chess variations.

Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs
Four Player Chess – one of the most popular chess variations on

Chess960 (random starting position for the back rank pieces), Three-check chess (check three times to take victory) or Four-Players-Chess make it possible to combine chess training with a lot of fun.

Finally, you can also play chess against a computer at different levels, participate in tournaments which start every few minutes and even play club matches against other teams.


Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs
You can choose almost any time control you want on lichess. offers you the second best playing experience. lichess has approximately 28000 simultaneous active users all around the clock.

This makes it easy to find an opponent at any time. Just like, you can choose from a ton of different time controls, from a 1-minute bullet to 5-minutes blitz to 180-minute games.

It is also possible to choose an increment for each move. Correspondence chess with up to 14 days to make a move is available, too.

8 different chess variants are available including Atomic Chess (pieces explode when captured, taking their neighbors with them), Antichess (win by losing all your pieces – captures are forced), Racing Kings (get your king to the other side of the board first) and many more.

Finally, you can also participate in various tournaments and it’s also possible to play against a computer on lichess. One great aspect of the latter option is that you can enter a certain training position and play it out against the machine.

  1. chess24

chess24 ranks third in terms of playing experience. The chess website is available in English, Spanish, and German making it a truly global platform. There is no option to see how many members regularly play chess on chess24, however, at any time, you’re quickly matched with an opponent in the Playzone.

In contrast to and lichess, you can only choose from a limited number of time controls. It’s not possible to play correspondence games. The longest time control available is 60 minutes with an increment of 30 seconds per move.

What’s more, you can only play standard chess games at chess24. There are no different chess variations available. However, chess24 offers various great tournaments to participate in. Especially opening themed tournaments are extremely useful to improve your chess opening skills.

Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs

Chess Tactics Trainer


The number 1 position for the best chess tactics trainer also goes to The Tactics Trainer on currently offers 56,765 unique puzzles for chess tactics training.

One of the most important aspects of these chess puzzles is that they aren’t artificially set up but from real games. After you have tried a problem, you have the chance to analyze the tactics puzzle with Stockfish, one of the strongest chess engines in the world, to see the best lines and variations.

By checking the puzzle with the computer, you can also investigate the disadvantages of alternative lines which might seem promising to you at first glance. Moreover, for better memorization, you can retry the puzzle, download the PGN and share it on social networks to tell your friends.

Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs
The button on the right bottom allows you to play out any position against the computer.

What’s especially great is that after solving the puzzle, you can continue playing the position against the computer.

Speaking from experience, this is a very useful possibility as it’s not always that easy to seal the deal and convert a winning position into a full point.

Playing the position to the end is very useful for improving your skills in this area. The “Finish vs Computer-Button” is somewhat hidden on’s website.

You find it by clicking on the “Computer Analysis” button after you’ve attempted a puzzle. Afterward, click on the bottom right icon (see the image on the left).

Using the chess site’s Tactics Trainer, you receive a rating and you can also take a closer look at your stats which not only show you how many tactics you solved but also your score on different tactic themes like “endgame tactics”, “overloading” or “pawn promotion”.

As the Chess Tactics Trainer offers the possibility to train by tactical theme (pins, forks, etc.), you can focus on tactical motifs which rank worst in your stats. The faster you solve each problem, the higher you score and your rating climbs. Of course, all puzzles are adapted to your rating.

  1. lichess

Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs Chess.comThe Tactics Trainer on lichess gives access to over 60,000 chess puzzles all taken from recent games and presents a wide range of difficulty. All the chess puzzles are taken from online games that were played on lichess.

A computer algorithm constantly searches through all the games played on lichess and integrates suitable chess puzzles into the database.

This is what makes lichess’ Tactics Trainer so great. You’re confronted with chess puzzles that occurred in real online chess games, not with artificially set up positions.

For this reason, the conditions are very similar to the situation you’re in when playing a real chess game. Sometimes you have to find a mate, sometimes you need to win material and sometimes you need to play the best defensive move, but you never know in advance.

In the Tactics Trainer, the chess puzzles are selected depending on your Tactics Trainer rating, so that the tactics get harder as your rating increases. By clicking on a special button, all the threats in the position are shown, acting like a hint to make finding the solution easier.

Just as with the other two Tactics Trainers, all puzzles can be analyzed with a strong chess engine. On top of that, you can replay each game right from the start and find out how the position in the puzzle arose. The chess software is incredibly easy to use and as such, it is also a good site for kids to use.

  1. chess24

The Chess Tactics Trainer on chess24 ranks third in our comparison. chess24 offers a large database of tactics problems including a collection of puzzles for all different skill levels.

A leaderboard allows you to see who’s on top and how you compare. Chess puzzles match your current skill level and you can choose to receive feedback after every puzzle, after every wrong answer or at the end of a session.

If you can’t solve an exercise, you can click on “Hint” and the piece you need to move is marked in color, but the move itself is not shown. Just like and lichess, you can analyze the puzzle with a chess engine if your answer differs from the correct solution.

A unique feature on chess24 is that you can choose between classical and speed mode. In speed mode, you can choose the duration of your session – one, three or five minutes. In this mode, you need to solve as many puzzles as you can under time pressure.

Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs

Chess Videos

  1. chess24

In terms of chess video series, free training videos and training shows, chess24 leaves his two competitors far behind and is in clear first place.

chess24 offers you plenty of chess DVD series where strong players talk about chess openings, strategy, endgames and a lot more. And there is absolutely no doubt that chess24 has the best presenters.

Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs
Click here and check out all the fantastic chess DVD series from chess24

From the top players in the world (Vishy Anand, Peter Svidler, Hou Yifan) to the world’s best chess coaches (Mark Dvoretsky, Artur Yusupov) to the most famous online presenters (Jan Gustafsson, Niclas Huschenbeth, Lawrence Trent) – chess24 has them all.

On top of that, many of the chess video series are backed up by eBooks with which you can easily replay all the variations and games.

What’s more, chess24 offers plenty of weekly training shows which are a great way to combine a serious, disciplined chess training with a lot of fun.

For instance, German GM Jan Gustafsson, the face of chess24 with an impressive rating of 2640, is one of the faces you can see most frequently in the live chess shows.

His opening clinic, a live show in which he answers all the user’s questions on chess openings, is well-known throughout the whole chess world.

Also, Super-GM Peter Svidler enjoys playing banter blitz sessions on chess24! That’s an absolutely unique feature – a top 10 player lets players of all levels from all over the world play a game of chess at chess24 against him.

His thoughts and ideas on these games are really worth listening to if you are an enthusiastic chess player. And maybe you’ll even get the chance to play against him!

Unlike many other chess servers that only have a few commentators, chess24 has plenty of guest videos by super-strong masters, such as GM Robin van Kampen, GM Jan-Christian Schroeder, IM Sopiko Giri, IM Anna Rudolf and many more. Finally, you have the chance to chat with all the presenters as they stream their shows live.

  1. also has a huge video library with thousands of chess videos on almost every topic. The most famous presenters on are Sam Shankland, Simon Williams, and Alex Yermolinsky. However, in terms of high-quality chess videos, can’t compete with the excellent video library on chess24.

Still,’s video library provides you with more and more videos every week. It’s definitely worth checking the video lessons.

  1. lichess

Finally, there is a huge free chess video library on lichess featuring more than 1000 different videos on topics such as openings, tactics, endgames and so on. However, the presenters can’t compete with the ones on chess24 and

Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs

Online Chess Analysis

  1. lichess
  2. chess24

Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs Chess.comIn terms of online chess analysis all three chess websites are close together and provide many useful features. If we had to pick a favorite, it would be the analysis page from lichess.

All three analysis pages provide you with a chessboard where you can make moves, import games from your computer, prepare for your next tournament opponent, and save it all in your account so that you can access it from anywhere.

All chess websites enable you to work with colored buttons to draw arrows and highlight squares. You can add comments to any move using the text box below the notation.

At any moment you can see analysis from a chess engine (you can also turn this off in your settings if you prefer!) which analyses the best moves and shows the top three lines.

Of course, on all analysis pages, you can analyze your chess games with the strongest chess engine in the world – Stockfish. However, there are differences in the calculation accuracy. lichess’ Stockfish version calculates a lot stronger than chess24’s and’s versions as its search depth is a lot higher.

A huge database allows you to search for games by player, result, year, rating and opponent.

On chess24 and lichess, you have the chance to invite others to a “broadcast” of your session. You can invite a friend or a coach (or student) using their username directly or by grabbing a link to share in any way you choose.

After the session, you can save all your analysis and it will always be available on your account. You can even download the PGN if you want.

What’s especially great about lichess is that you can also embed a PGN-Viewer of the game on your own website for free.

Finally, it must be said that online chess analysis on lichess is completely free, while users on chess24 and have to pay for a similar service.

Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs

Chess Apps:

  1. chess24
  3. lichess
Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs
If you want to play chess at chess24, you can also download the App for your tablet and smartphone.

Of course, all three chess websites – chess24, and lichess – do not tie you to a computer – you can download their chess apps and use all the services on your phone.

Players online enjoy can chess games, solve chess puzzles, watch training videos, analyze your games – all on the go. You can play and train chess wherever you like – on the bus, on the beach in summer, during a break at work. Every chess app is available for Android and iOS.

The main aspect that stands out on chess24’s chess app is that you can download the chess video series and watch them offline.

If you’re traveling with your tablet or smartphone and you don’t have access to the internet, you can still acquire a lot of knowledge by watching the videos offline.

Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs


  1. lichess

In terms of prices, lichess has a flat-out advantage. Lichess is a 100% free, open-source chess website – exclusively powered by volunteers and donations.

The chess website never shows advertisements and never charges for certain features. The lichess team can focus on improving the site as their only goal. This is simply unbeatable.

  1. and chess24 operate with a freemium business model. Most of the features are free, but users have to pay to get additional features. If you don’t have a premium membership on, you can only solve 5 chess puzzles a day, watch the first few minutes of every chess video and you can’t really use the online chess analysis tool.

What separates from chess24, however, is that there are four possible memberships. While the free version of the app only offers you limited access to these resources, you can subscribe to premium services such as Diamond, Platinum, and Gold and enjoy even more great features.

Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs

  1. chess24

Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs Chess.comchess24 works similarly to in terms of membership. A Premium Membership gives you full access to the chess website as well as their app. Access with the free plan to the video series, Tactics Trainer, Opening Tree, and mobile app is limited.

However, users can only choose between a free membership and a premium membership with full access to all resources. Students and schoolchildren receive a free 6-month extension when signing up for 1-year Premium Membership.

Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs

lichess vs chess24 vs So which is the Best?

It’s been a close race between all the three chess websites. Let’s take a look at the final standings:

  1. 13 points
  2. lichess 12 points
  3. chess24 11 points

Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs

By a small margin, is on top of the overall results, one point ahead of lichess and two points ahead of chess24. However, when it comes to details, there are some differences between lichess, and chess24.

It’s a matter of weighing the six individual categories. If you like high-quality videos and world-class presenters, there is no way around chess24.

If you want to have the best playing experience and the best chess tactics trainer, is your pick. If you don’t want to pay for all the great services, lichess is the place to go for you., chess24 or Let us know your thoughts on which chess website you think is best in the comments below.

Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs
Get instant access with 35% off.

Using all the features which chess websites like chess24, lichess and offer are an essential aspect of every serious player’s chess training routine.  However, effective chess training consists of multiple components.

If you want to know more about other excellent chess training techniques, we have a special offer for you. “GingerGM” Simon Williams produced a comprehensive 15-hour course in which he reveals the training secrets and shortcuts that helped him become a GM with a fraction of the time and effort it takes most people. Click here to get instant access with 35% off.

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Best Chess Websites: Lichess Vs Chess24 Vs


42 comments on “Best Chess Websites: Lichess vs chess24 vs

  1. Alessandro Rigobello says: è pieno di gentaglia di nome Hans.

  2. siddharth says:

    lichess best in 3 only one plus is another diffrent variant but chess takes late and it is to be sign in and payed chess 24 is simaler thats why i support lichess

  3. CheetahOBX says:

    I have recently tried multiple sites…..and play SIMPLY because of the ease and graphics….UNFORTUNATELY………NO ONE that I play knows how to play chess….and ONLY try to refresh to a queen….and NEVER try to win the game out right…….I play 2 minute speed chess only….but just am amazed at so inept people are…..and this is their ONLY……lack of better words…..strategy……..very frustrating….and one in which I do NOT consider chess……the object of the game is to checkmate your opponent…..not to get 50 queens and THEN win….to me….that is NOT chess….that is bull shit kids that lack the skill and/or know how of what to do……so… order for me to win…..using their stupid games…..I have to play defense and NEVER get into a real chess game…..they time out and I win…..but this again…is bull shit!!!! is terrible……just say no…..I am going to try….now…..

  4. Normurod Zokirovich says:

    I have been using a long time ago. I have recently started to use lichess and yesterday, I tried chess24.

    I consider is still the best and lichess comes second. Regardless of all of the marketing campaigns, chess24 is simply the worst among all three.

    It is very hard to use chess24 especially if you connect by phone.

  5. Gautam says:

    In first cheaters gets immediately banned from the lichess automatic recognition software even if you don’t report the player for some reason. Besides this if someone misbehaves you, you could easily report it to Lichess report portal where you have to just simply copy and paste the chats you had with your opponent.
    Second, lichess provides you a better PING access so you don’t lag or loose your game by running out of time, even if you are playing with the poor Internet connection, which is missing.
    Thirdly, you can easily analyse and study your game with the power of SF cloud version and check the whole line, Book Moves and best games played at highest level imported by Lichess with the exact same position you want to. Even you can download them easily and import your own games to study and anylize from anywhere else.
    Fourth, even if you are a lower rated player there are so many clubs created by individuals, you can simply join them and most clubs have their tournaments with prize money, besides there are also so many strong GMs joins them so you could also play against them
    Fifth and the last, Lichess has the very crucial training exercises according to your tactical skills, as you start solving puzzles you will see not only the puzzle but check the entire game, also as you increase your puzzle rating the more the puzzles you solve the more it would be complicated and and so complex. Finally i can say whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advance player you can improve your entire chess skills to win over the board tournament. Thanks

  6. Vinayak says:

    Lichess is the best in all fields! Unbeatable, best website for chess

  7. Rich Davis says: has the best competition. An 1800 on Lichess is possibly a 1300 on

  8. TheRandom says:

    Gameplay section lacks information that on and chess24 when we’re starting bullet game our clock starts straight after joining (if playing as white or after oponnent move if playing as black) so we lose some seconds (and every second counts if You have just 60 or less of them). In lichess we have ~15 secounds for our first move. I would say that gameplay experience is much better on lichess.

  9. TheRandom says:

    It’s 2020 and lichess has reached 100 000 users online. At most time there are at least 85 000 players online. They’ve grown bigger than (they have like 10% more players) and unlike they’re 100%. Saying that I mean that every option (analyse etc.) is free.

  10. bigbikefan says:

    It’s been almost 2 years since the article publication. Time to revise yet?

  11. Pikok93 says:

    If you’re ONLY interested in playing chess with other players and you don’t need analysis, puzzles, educational materials, etc., it doesn’t matter what you choose.

    But if you want to learn the game and be better, Lichess wins because it offers educational materials and deep analysis for 100% free. is ok but you need a subscription to have access to full educational content.

    Chess24 is far behind in all categories.

  12. eminen t says:

    I strongly recommend lichess. hangs most of the time and your rating will suffer on account of technical glitches and worse still the team is not so professional in my experience.

  13. John Marlow says:

    How could you even compare?

    What lichess has done to chess world is simply invaluable, just look at the website quality. I see no mention of it being not only FREE as in free beer, but also free as in OPEN-SOURCE!

    This is the way you want your world to be shaped my friends, this makes everything just a solid level above. And you can feel it in the gaming experience, the players coming onto the platform – just look at their titled arena battles pool… And so many unique and rock solid features and ease of use.

    I’m pretty sure they hurt very much their concurrents since they went online, and I’m pretty sure articles such as these are promoting paid platforms in this regards.

    I’m a chess fan and software developer, I don’t play much (or at all anymore) but I’ve had subscription, and I’ve seen the rise of this giant and there is just no comparison, sorry to say. This goes to show the power of open-sourcing your work, making it free. Also I’d be curious to know how much they manage to gather from donations, but just watched a titled arena with a 1000$ prize pool. On a free site. Not sure if host similar event, but again for a free site?

    This is the world I want to live in, people give what they want for what they beleive in, it naturally flows back in an honorable way.


  14. derek harvey says: wins hands down when it comes to ease of exporting games. Battersea Chess Club is on and but the latter is the one for sending games to our FB group with just a few mouseclicks.

  15. are clearly superior to Chess24. However. the former two have the worst customer services I have ever experienced amywhere. In fact, they really are non-existent. On the other hand, Cjess24 has a superb customer service response.

  16. Amir says:

    Thank you for posting the comparative article. I think in addition to the criteria listed I would also add a section such as support and mitigation for cheating and trolls.
    These aspects are important in order to provide a safe and fun environment, especially to younger players. I have played about 60,000 games online (an counting) in the past 7 years on all 3 platforms.

    2. lichess
    3. chess24

    I have been a member of for 8 years and support has been outstanding. They do listen to their members and address the issues in timely maner.
    The worse experience for me has been chess24. I am only a free member, so maybe they don’t care as much. They never really addressed my issues or answered specific questions. They were also very slow in responding.

    Bad behavior and trolls:
    This, for me is a major concerned as I player anywhere between 40-100 games a day on each of these platforms.
    3. chess24

    Behavior such as:
    – rude comments in chats
    – harassing players
    – frequently aborting games
    – letting time run when in a losing position
    – letting time run and then playing mate in one at the last second, etc…

    The best platform has been lichess. They outright temporarily ban misbehaving players and many of these behaviors are detected automatically. That makes for a best playing experience. seems to have the highest rate of misbehavior (about 20% of my games daily, result in me reporting the behavior). The platform provides a way to report directly. Usually some kind of “action” is taken and you are notified they did so, but it doesn’t seem to be effective in reducing the rate. To a point, I enjoy the game less and less on that platform.

    what to say about chess24. So far the experience has been really poor. First they never answered my questions when I asked what actions are taken to address misbehaviors. I asked them, before eventually considering a paid membership.
    Also when I reported one incident, they asked me to provide the proof and they assumed it was a chat related issue, when it was not.

    So for me lichess so far has been the best experience overall.

  17. David Gomez says:

    It depends. If you are looking for stronger players (even elite GMs) is the place. Even though you can find them in chess24 and liches as well, many more grandmasters play in Lichess is easier to use i think, and the simple interface makes it appealing. To watch broadcasts from different tournaments chess24 has no rival at all.

  18. Tuin says:

    I am totally agree with the article except in the “Playing Experience” category. I was a Gold member in I decided to cancel my account with them because I found so many bugs (which I reported) in the Android app. Lichess playing experience is much better. It works faster, free of bugs, nicer layout board, no weird timing indications, etc. Lichess has made a better product for free.

  19. Mathew says: often discourage me from chess, too slow on my network, seems they placed some country on a slow server and not consistent in their rules, especially opponents delays and cheats.

  20. Zawny says:

    Lichess is pretty better, it’s totally free, no lag, nice move sound, cheating detection, easier interface, etc.

  21. jv2080 says:

    Lichess, ICC, hands down. is a mess and I don’t take it seriously.
    i’ll check out I think anything is better than is so cartoonish and clunky, hard to navigate, especially the mobile app. don’t trust the players on there that i don’t know from real life.

  22. Journey2Chessmastery says:

    I enjoy a lot. The app not so much, but even with my phone, I use the website. I like their “Pazzle Rush”. I think is a very useful training tool. In one month I went up 100 points more in bullet and 100 more in blitz. I’m very happy with my improvement.

  23. Smreh says: has a huge community, but the playability is worse than lichess. Chess 24’s is comparable with In speed chess especially. So if you like speed chess (let’s say 5 minutes blitz or less time) -> Lichess. For slower chess find a sind wich suits you best.

  24. Avinash Sorab says:

    The fact the lichess gives you unlimited puzzles to solve makes it way better than

  25. atent says:

    a LOT of people are using chess engines on!!! Play on lichess, guys.

  26. Nathan says:

    In my opinion, is the best. I haven’t used chess24 yet, but I find lichess difficult to navigate. provides you with the best chess experience, whether you are learning, playing, or chatting with your friends.

  27. Arne says:

    Lichess rules. is a mess, and chess24 is OK.

    1. Owden says:


  28. Eric says:

    I love lichess. Instead of focusing on forcing ads down your throat, they actually focus on giving you the best chess experience. Hands down, the best.

  29. Ainsley says:

    Lichess is my favorite, I’ve tried both it and, and is very slow loading on all my devices. Lichess is simple and friendly to new players like myself.

  30. John Li says:

    Yahoo chess is obviously the best

    1. Jc says:

      Existe todavia?

    2. Andrés says:

      My own experience in these three platforms

      1. Playing experience: lichess,, chess24
      2. Tactics trainer: lichess(is for free),, chess24
      3. Chess videos: chess24,, lichess chess analisis: lichess,,chess24
      5. Chess apps: lichess,,chess24. Playing in chess24 is a nightmare in the app compared to the top two, loads too many thing in it’s app which makes it work slower and consume more connection(even Magnus once said he felt like his pieces were stuck in mud), and raw playing experience lichess takes the upperhand, i use mainly chess apps to play chess, believe me in this one.
      6. Price: lichess,,chess24.
      I’m rated over 2100 in all 3 websites, that includes bullet,blitz,rapid.

  31. John want says:

    I have found gameknot to be the best. So easy to use

  32. Avinash says:

    Well said 🙂 Lichess is better than anything by far

  33. GG says:

    Lichess is 100% free and its more than 3 point ! : )

    1. 100% right!

  34. Daniela says:

    Lichess is the best site ever 😀

  35. Al says:

    I have to say that Lichess has much more helpful Computer Analysis. It points all your mistakes and show a way improve them.
    There’s also a much more supported variants on lichess. It can analyse KingOfTheHill and Horde, for example. doesn’t even has the Horde variation…

  36. Les says:

    One of the main reasons people join is the social networking aspects. There are literally thousands of groups.. something for everyone.

  37. Chessmania says:

    lmao who cares just play chess wherever you want

    1. me2.1415 says:

      100% right!

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