Succeed at Navigating Chaos on the Chessboard

Succeed At Navigating Chaos On The Chessboard

Learn advanced chess strategy and you will fearlessly navigate the turmoil and chaos found on the chessboard.

GM Damian Lemos, GM Sam Shankland, and GM Simon Williams will help you make it safely through this trial by fire!

There will always be chess games that get chaotic

Instead of meeting these explosions with a whimper, greet them with a triumphant roar!

Imagine your opponent’s surprise when instead of folding in the face of the chaos, you add to it!

This is what you will learn from the exceptional chess training the Intuition Navigates Chaos Mega Bundle provides.

Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

Club Player’s Manifesto 2K – GM Damian Lemos

There’s no doubt the magical mark many chess players want to break, is the 2000 FIDE rating. 

This isn’t the end of your chess improvement by a long way, but it will earn you respect from other chess players. 

Every chess player knows chess isn’t an easy game to play well. When you have a rating of over 2000, you know you have made significant progress in learning this amazing game we love.

Although some players can raise their rating above 2000 on their own, a good coach will help you get there quicker. There is no better coach to help you improve than GM Damian Lemos.

Thinking Outside the Box

At this stage in your chess, you’ve got a good grasp of the basics. You can select two or three strong candidate moves in most situations.

The problem is, if you can spot them, it is quite likely your opponent has spotted them too. No doubt he has made plans to meet these moves.

What you need is a way to think outside the box. You need to learn to consider candidate moves from a broader range of possibilities.

Learn advanced chess strategy from Damian and how to expand your thought process. He will also explain why these moves work, which deepens your understanding of chess.

Succeed At Navigating Chaos On The Chessboard
Break the Magical 2000 FIDE rating mark!

If you are ready to study advanced chess strategy, you already have a good grasp of the basics. Damian will help you break the 2000 FIDE barrier by increasing your understanding of why something works.

Learning from others is a sensible approach and one all great players have used. Understanding why something works allows you to apply it to your own games while sitting at the chessboard.

No more wondering if you will ever get a position to unleash the tactical blows you’ve been shown in other courses. Now you will create your own devastating attacks!

Evaluation and Strategy – GM Damian Lemos

After you have studied Damian’s 12 hours long Club Player’s Manifesto 2K it is time to reinforce what you learned from it.

In the following video, GM Damian Lemos will show you how to react when your opponent plays a random line in the opening.

This course will help you by showing you more examples of applying the new wisdom you have acquired on advanced chess strategy. 

Succeed At Navigating Chaos On The Chessboard
Reinforce what you learned from Damian’s excellent Club Player’s Manifesto 2 K

As you work through this course, apply what you learned from Damian’s other course. Use it to spot the moves played in the game.

Not only will Damian continue to expand on the advanced chess strategy, but he shares a lot of other helpful wisdom. You will learn how to improve your opening play too.

Do not be fooled by how short this course appears. These four hours are jam-packed with critical wisdom you need to continue beyond the 2000 rating mark.

Super GM Skill Set – GM Sam Shankland

Learning chess strategy from an uncompromising Super-GM requires focus and concentration

The Super GM skill set is one very few people in the world possess. There are two reasons main reasons for this:

  • developing these skills is challenging and
  • they didn’t have Sam Shankland to help them.

You do have Sam Shankland to guide you through 34 incredible games.

Not only do you have a guide, but you also have a coach who wants you actively involved in the journey.

Succeed At Navigating Chaos On The Chessboard

Watch this instructive video and learn how pattern recognition can improve your chess intuition.

Although learning and applying the advanced chess strategy used by super GMs is challenging, it isn’t impossible. The greater the challenge, the more satisfied you will feel after learning it.

Now that you have some skin in the game make sure you get the most from it. Set aside all distractions and have fun learning these new skills.

Be Patient as You Learn This New Skill Set

Succeed At Navigating Chaos On The Chessboard
The Super-GM skill Set by GM Sam Shankland

The best part is you can return as often as needed for a refresher. Sam didn’t master these skills in fifteen hours. But if you apply his training, you can shorten the time it takes you.

This gives you more time to enjoy winning chess games and helps you start winning more games sooner. Isn’t this a big reason you work so hard on your game?

There are five chapters for you to work through. They all build upon each other to form a complete skill set to help you become a fearsome opponent!

Here is what you will learn from Sam.

  • Thought process and calculation
  • Evaluation and strategy
  • Forcing moves force wins
  • Sacrifices and navigating chaos
  • Pattern recognition

Even the smallest improvement in these critical areas will help you improve tremendously. Now imagine how much better you would be if you mastered these crucial elements of chess.

Accelerate Your Chess – GM Simon Williams

The reason lots of chess players are fans of the GingerGM, apart from his beard, is his focus on reducing the time and effort needed to improve at chess.

Watch the following video to learn from the GingerGM how to go about learning an opening. In this video Simon talks about the process.

There is no way to improve without investing time and effort, but this gives you more time and energy for playing chess.

Succeed At Navigating Chaos On The Chessboard

You can also trust that with over 20 years of coaching chess players at all levels, Simon knows what it takes to accelerate your chess.

The interactive nature of the training helps the concepts stick like “bubblegum in your hair.” Unlike bubblegum, this wisdom is what you want sticking to your head.

Along with learning from the GingerGM how to apply advanced chess strategy to your games, you will learn how to use classical games to improve.

After a detailed explanation of a strategic element, Simon will show you a game where this strategy was successfully applied. Then he will show you one of his own games where he used it.

Succeed At Navigating Chaos On The Chessboard

This is not just about sharing nuggets of chess wisdom. In this course, you get to see how a strong grandmaster practices what he preaches.

Isn’t it good to know the strategies you are learning have proven successful against other grandmasters? This means you are learning stuff now that will last your chess lifetime.

Thanks to Simon, you will gain a deeper understanding of the following chess concepts. You will also learn how to use them in your own games.

  • Evaluation and strategy
  • Thought process and calculation
  • Forcing moves force wins
  • Sacrifices and navigating chaos
  • Pattern recognition
  • Prophylaxis = Control
  • Converting advantages

In Conclusion

If you want to advance in chess from being a good chess player to become a very good chess player, you will need a more advanced chess strategy.

You cannot hope to defeat better opponents without becoming a stronger player yourself.

All the time you invest learning from these three great coaches will pay handsome dividends.

They haven’t just broken the 2000 FIDE rating mark, they left it in tatters a long way behind them.

The crucial concepts taught in this course from three different perspectives are the essential knowledge you need to progress in chess.

Mastery takes time and perseverance, but at least you know you are on the right track. Every time you apply something new you learned from this course, your trust in the process will grow.

Celebrate every success, no matter how small.

Keep working on applying your new knowledge, and one day you will look back in surprise at how much better you have become at chess.

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