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Live Stream: How To Learn a Chess Opening – IM Valeri Lilov [Sat 28th July, Noon EST]

Every single game of chess asks you an important question right from the start, right from the very first move: what chess opening should you play? Deep opening knowledge is crucial in competitive chess. Between equal players, it often makes the difference between winning and drawing.

Of course, there are general chess opening principles you should bear in mind no matter what moves you make. For example, it’s best to develop your pieces quickly rather than waste time with many pawn moves or losing time by moving the same piece more than once during the opening.

It’s also a good idea to make sure your pieces are being developed to a place where they have some influence on the central squares. A knight on c3, for example, is far more effective in the battle for the center than a knight on a3!

But there comes a time in every chess players career when opening preparation has to be taken seriously. It is regularly said that you should avoid deep theory until you are a higher rated player, but it is very wise to have a repertoire you can rely on in order to start making solid progress.

You have a look at a number of openings and decide on one that you’re going to try in your own games. The opening should suit your style, or perhaps you came across it being played by your favorite player, but either way, it’s time to master it!

In this live stream with IM Valeri Lilov, you will learn:

  • How to effectively learn a chess opening
  • How to learn the ideas and principles behind an opening
  • How players at the top study the opening efficiently

Valeri will draw on his own experience to give you his top tips on how to learn a chess opening, including an important part – analyzing the games of grandmasters who also play your chosen opening! Set your reminders and tune in to IM Lilov on Saturday 28th July at Noon EST / 5PM UK.

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