Korchnoi Hidden Attacking Gem with GM Larry Christiansen

Korchnoi Hidden Attacking Gem

GM Viktor Korchnoi, arguably the strongest player never to have become World Chess Champion, left us almost a year ago.

His long and successful career was full of brilliant games, but today we are presenting a lesser know gem of this great player.

In this GM Larry Christiansen’s free preview of his acclaimed Mega Bundle Attacking Chess, we are shown one of his finest attacking games, with a beatiful final combination.

The game starts with a Queen’s Gambit Accepted, that Black played very passively. With strong moves, Korchnoi conquered the center with his pawns, giving him a space advantage.

His methodological play to first consolidate his center and then increase his space advantage is exemplary.

With 14.e5! he decides to transform his central control into an attack, as he has almost all his light pieces in the kingside. Even, after 20.h4!, also his pawns add fuel to the attack! You should always try to attack with ALL your pieces!

After all this very important preparation, where Korchnoi (with Christiansen’s commentaries) teachs us how to create an attack, is time to tactics.Korchnoi

In the diagram position, White has already a big positional advantage. But the deadly 28.Bxh6!! destroys black castle. After 28…gxh6 29.Rg4+ Kf7 30.Qg4 Red8, it’s your time to calculate. White to play and mate in 4! (Solution at the end).

Christiansen’s analysis dissects what’s going on in this beautiful game and gives us the idea of what was thinking the great Korchnoi while playing it.

If you want to be a wild attacking player, or you want to improve in calculation, then the Attacking Chess Mega Bundle – GM Larry Christiansen is what you need!

Solution: 31.Qg7+ Ke8 32.Qxe7+!! and Black resigns, as 32…Kxe7 33.Rg7+ Ke8 34.Nf6# is mate.


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