Kasparov crushes Korchnoi! – Master Attacks

As an improving chess player it is only a matter of time before you face stronger opposition, 1800-2000 graded players who rarely blunder and defend the points you attack. Wins can be harder to come by as pieces get exchanged off and you enter an endgame more often. Many players see this as reason to work on their endgame and this is an excellent decision of course. However, you should still strive for earlier wins.

If you want to upgrade your attacking skill, win more games and do it in style then it pays to watch the best attacking players and see what they do to overcome their opponents. Study their approach and you will be able to employ the exact same methods to win your own games.

GM Lemos reveals the attacking secrets of top players in “Master Attacks“, a 2 hour DVD of 4 brilliant, deeply analyzed games that will strengthen your chess skill and understanding and radically improve your results.

In this free preview, we see one of the greatest attackers of all time, Garry Kasparov, take on Viktor Korchnoi, one of the strongest players never to become World Champion. Watch how Kasparov, as White, gains time and space with forceful moves, denying Korchnoi any chance of getting into the game. Incredibly, of the 23 moves it takes Kasparov to win, 21 are moves forward, 1 is to castle and the last one is to force Korchnoi to resign!

With powerful positional play, tempo-winning in-between moves, sacrifices and more, this is a great example of how a master attacks.

Enjoy this video and check out the DVD here.


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