Judit Polgar’s Secret Weapon Vs The Najdorf

Judit’s Secret Weapon Against the Najdorf

GM Judit Polgar is the best female chess player in history. Her great tournament achievements allowed her to break all the records at the time (among others, being the youngest GM and the only woman to surpass 2700 Elo).

In this free preview of the A Decade of Benjamin Mega Bundle, GM Joel Benjamin analyses a Judit’s game in which she uses a surprise weapon against the Najdorf Variation of the Sicilian Defense: 6.Qf3!?

This secondary variation can give lot of headaches to the Najdorf players, as they can’t play the standard move 6…e5?! because of 7.Nf5!

Perhaps, Black’s best reaction is 6…g6, but not every Najdorf player will be used to play in Dragon-style!

In the game, Judit played the interesting 7.h3 Bg7 8.Be3 Bd7 9.Nd5!?, which creates lot of problems to the Black player, who seem uncomfortable with the reached position.

A few more moves, a typical opposite-castling position appear, with both players rushing to be the first creating killing threats. Analyze the next position. What should White play?Judit

If you like to play 20.g4!?, then you are in the right mood! Attacking fast is very important in this type of positions.

But Black is threatening the very dangerous …a4-a3, destroying White’s castle pawn structure. So White must defend first!

Although 20.a3 seems a good option, 20.Bb6! is even better. Black is forced to 20….Qb8, after which his major pieces can’t move! Then, 21.a3 closes the queenside, and only then it’s White’s turn to attack with g2-g4!

To really understand what happened in this game, learn very important strategical and attacking motifs and train your tactics, then you must see this free preview. GM Benjamin will give you a masterclass on the Sicilian!

If you want to improve your play in every phase of the game, then check out the huge A Decade of Benjamin Mega Bundle and learn from the incredible analyses of GM Joel Benjamin!


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