We’re Hiring – Blog Copywriter

We’re looking for someone to write articles for our blog.

iChess.net / iChess.es is a leader in the chess industry, operating a rapidly growing eCommerce website and producing high-quality chess DVD courses.

Our full-time team of 15 employees works remotely. Working hours are flexible – we promote a hands-off style of management, and we are looking for people to join us and help us continue growing for the next several years.

Description & Requirements

  • Writing original blog article content
  • Using a keyword research tool to identify opportunities for relevant, low competition, high traffic keyword phrases
  • Understanding core principles of SEO and how to apply them to our blog articles and product pages to increase relevant traffic
  • Must be a native English speaker to qualify for this role
  • Must be rated over 1300 Elo as a chess player (online sites, USCF, or FIDE rating).

If you think you’re the right fit for our team, click here to apply.


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3 comments on “We’re Hiring – Blog Copywriter

  1. Candra says:

    What is SEO Blog Content Copywriter?

  2. Philippe Kalman says:

    Hello, I’m not a native English speaker so I’m not qualified for your yob.
    But if a day you are looking for a French speaking contributor, I would be very interested in joining your team.
    Best regards

  3. Othman alshiekh says:

    I’m in as volunteer without paying and I will support you at the end I’m with you since 2012 and I’m playing chess since 39 years it mater of passion for me

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